Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Gaaah I dunno how to write term papers ok ToT

My college life is doomed liao. Went to the library this morn to borrow stacks of thick boring looking books for reference and just the sight of them is depressing can. I looked up sample term papers online and every paper was so cheem.

Am sorely tempted to buy those ready to hand in term papers online......

Shall start writing them after I come back from Alhambra tomorrow. Maybe by then I would be happier.

Went to the bank this morning and really, don't people here have like a dress code? Why everyone including teachers always wear clothes with their boobs practically hanging out one -_- If professionals already dress like this, then what do those non-professionals wear? Bikinis?

Finally tried the famous In & Out burgers and I have to say it's really fresh. That is the one word that comes to mind as soon as you take a bite of it =)


Really I do~♥ My fav. is vanilla. Strawberry just taste too artificial for my liking. The shakes here are like REAL thick shakes and not the watery ones in Kuching. Though it's been ages since I last drank shakes in Kuching leh. Anyway, simply delicious!

The only drawback is the straw. People here should so use the huge straws we use for our 'pearl milk tea' ok because it takes forever to sip like 2ml of shake with the puny straws they use.

Sidetrack a bit now but Ammy and Abi, can um stop with the DBSK clips please? Why everyday bombard me with their clips haih I dislike Korean variety shows ok DBSK or no DBSK. And sorry to say but I am not into Korean things >.<

Of course any clips of DBSK themsleves alone is welcomed hee~ But no.variety.shows.please and no other k-celebs too ok =)

Oh someone gimme flower so camwhore a bit =P

Thus end my camwhoreness cause I am simply not photogenic T___T My right eye turned out cacated and was trying to fix it when I accidentally overwrite the original pic and I cannot get back my ori eyes =( Gah. Only pic I have also.

Btw, I saw an interesting question on someone's blog: 'Which 3 singers would you marry purely for voice?'

Hmm, for me I'll say Tegoshi, Ryohei and Alex (clazziquai project)

Am totally into Alex and Ryohei's voices recently omg so sexy ok ^3^

So who would you marry purely for voice? =)

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