Monday, May 12, 2008

Last Friends

Monday, May 12, 2008

Am back to watching Japanese dramas as my beloved NEWS members have their own new dramas respectively =) It is no hidden fact that I love Japanese dramas the most because it is short and have a ton of variety and 'Last Friends' is no exception.

It's a story about 5 friends who faces the harsh realities of life like domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape, tough times etc. so if you're into fluffy romance then this is not for you. Oh, I also know my dramas are mostly JE-centric but JE boys are damn good actors ok and their dramas mostly popular o(^o^)o

To be honest, I was skeptical to watch this drama even after seeing constant raves for it in various communities as I don't like dark dramas and Ryo is probably my least fav. member. I didn't particularly like his last huge hit drama '1 Liter of Tears'. Call me a heartless girl but terminal illness in movies bores me.

In 'Last Friends' Ryo plays Sousuke - a local council children welfare worker who protects abused children but constantly beats up his girlfriend Michiru. Ironic? Yes. He is siao ok. A stalker, obstinate, possessive to the point of insanity boyfriend. He is originally a nice guy until he asks Michiru (Masami) to move in with him and then you start seeing his domestic violence side. Seriously that guy is scary can? Stalks Michiru every hour, forces her to break contact with her friends, made her promise to not cut guy's hair (she is a hair dresser) and come home on the dot or beats the hell out of her inadvertently making her lose her job etc.

I've always wonder why some people cannot just dump their DV boyfriends but I think I can understand a little now after hearing Michiru's reasons. But look, take a lesson or two from this drama ok? I don't care if he tells you how much he loves you and apologize after hitting you, I don't care if waited for you all night in the rain (as seen above), I don't care if he threatens to commit suicide, please just let him die la ok as cruel as it sounds cause it's either you or him and you deserve better.....

Insane personality aside, RYO IS FRIGGIN HOT HERE. Like really really sexy ok. I know, of all dramas it takes for me to like him it had to be this one where he beats people up. Sometimes I wonder if I am sane....

About Masami....I don't really like her. She acted with Yamapi in 2 dramas (Dragon Zakura & ProDai) before and all her performances were blah to say the least. She keeps playing this weak character always getting stepped on by people it makes me want to tear my hair out just watching her. Can you or can you not just wear 5 inch heels for a day and jam it on your bitch of a colleague foot can?! Bitch colleague in question is this:

The stupid girl with thick eyebrows I cannot help but scream 'Tweeze!!!' in Hana Yori Dango 1st season and the ah lian in Dance Drill. Minor role in this drama but probably the biggest bitch ever.

Other actors include Eita and Juri (Mine and Nodame from Nodame Cantabile) and Juri's acting is ^^b as her role here is so different from weird Nodame. She plays Michiru's tomboyish best friend Ruka who hates Sousuke and I think she might be les though I'm not sure as it's only until episode 4 at the moment. Eita plays Takeru, a guy who likes Ruka but has a dark past and I am thinking child molestation or rape by someone close to him I think. Am not sure. But this drama is so dark I bet it's either one.

Opening song

Oh and the OP is 'Prisoner of Love' by Utada Hikaru which is damn nice ^^ Overall this drama has managed to keep my interest and turned out to be better that what I initially assumed. Am waiting for subbers to subbed Ep.5 where I read that Ryo raped someone hahaha.

Ok fine. I should not laugh as rape is not funny. Anyway, I know my review is kinda sucky but give 'Last Friends' a try if you're on the lookout for new Japanese dramas =)

Update: Oh forget it. It started out great then turned into one whole boring angsty emo mess. I'm sick of the unspoken words between them like wth just spit it out already or leave. Don't bother really unless you want to see Ryo all violent like which if you ask me, isn't much different from his rl impression where he looks like a complete asshole already.

Though he is really nothing like that but in fact kinda cute under the biting words lol.

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