Saturday, May 17, 2008

All Nation Banquet

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Attended the All Nation Banquet yesterday which is a fund raising event where people of different nations sell their own country's food and we were representatives for Malaysia. Got free tickets mah if we volunteer lol =P

Below was the menu for the night. Have no idea which was which for the food we had eaten. Names all so foreign ok.

We sold fried won tons and were initially very depressed as we glance at other's food which looked way yummier than our plain looking won tons and thought for sure that we would have zero business.

Were we ever so wrong. Guess who sold out first way before everyone else? Yes, us ok. Everyone came back for seconds and thirds I find it ridiculous cause I would never spend all my tickets on won tons ok. They all exclaimed it as their favorite food of the night ^^

I still cannot believe we beat everyone else. What lah, I am so selling fried won tons by the streets if I ever need money ok.

Above 2 pic was taken before the event started which explains the empty scene. I had no time to take pics later as I was busy selling our sibeh lakku won tons heh.

Each of us have 7 tickets but being the super kiasu people we are we wanted to try everything ok so me and 2nd sis decided to share everything we get so we can try 14 kinds instead of 7. Smart or not? =D

Food = Happiness =) We got free apple dessert thingy or was it baklava cause it was a little burnt so the owner gave it away free. I love free things lalala.

See our happy faces =)

Pittsburg! I don't like the name la ok not chio and the first image that comes to my mind is a bulldog ok don't ask why. It just sound very cho-ish. Not pretty sounding like California or Carolina or Miami or Florida.... But the the the what liao *glances at menu* ah the Ham BBQ bun is delicious =d

My fav food of the night is Haemool Paejon!!! It's Korean Seafood Pancake and omg I LOVE IT!!!!! Like a mixture of orh chien and okonimiyaki!!! And I love love love it all the more cause the lady after seeing us immediately talk to her husband in Korean and asked him to give us 2 slices instead of the original 1 slice =DDD I love Haemool Paejon. And the nice Korean lady lol.

Couple from Germany. So cute la their traditional oufits =) Made me wished I had a Kebaya or Cheongsam for that night.

2nd sis posing with Switzerland's sugary treats. This was the stall that punctured our self-esteem in the beginning ok cause they had so many variety compared to ours. But dunno how come they didn't do so well. Maybe cause too many different kinds and people dunno what to choose.

Like me and 2nd sis keep looking at it so long going 'should I get the sugar biscuit? But it's only 1 bor. Maybe get the cake? But the muffin got cream leh and the cake don't. Or maybe the biscuits cause it has more? But it's tiny compared to the leaf one blablabla' and ended up walking away due to indecision.

Got various performances after dinner! Nah, cute lil Korean girls dancing to some Korean song. I know you people are like so into Korean things so I kept snapping away the whole time.

Ok, I've always disliked Korea's traditional outfit as it is so so so puffy and shapeless but I admit that it looks very chio here. I think only kids look good in it though. Anyway, the dance was beautiful =)

Step dancing......Let me see you 1,2 step *sings* Song suddenly come into my head as I'm typing this *goes off to play song* Now let me do my one two step...gaah so addictive the beat *dances* (o^^)o

Gaah, her arms are so toned!!! *jealous* My arms so flabby now ok and can very soon become wings for me to fly with T__T

Tae kwon do. Hmm, never knew it was from Korea. Always thought it was from China. Sigh why am I so clueless one??? Hapkido is from where then? Japan? Since Japan got one place called Hokaido. Chinese one is what then? Wushu? Kung fu? Got such thing as Kung Fu or not? So confusing....

Am getting lazier and lazier to write now. The downside of having too many pics. It's been 2 hours since I've started writing this post and I'm still nowhere near the end....

Italian opera singer

Songs from Zambia, Africa

Hahaha, he reminds me of Benjamin Moh hohoho ^0^ Right? Right? Like him right? He's from Indonesia. The guy and not Ben ok.

Quite hot leh the guy =P Completely not like the illegal workers you always see in Malaysia where nearly all of them look like potential rapists -_-

Latin dance with a Japanese girl. Which reminds me, WHY NO JAPANESE REPRESENTATIVES ONE?! How come? Why? Here no Japanese one hia? How caaaan..... I so want someone to teach me nihongo....

Latino couple with their sizzling hot latin dance. I love latin dances! Hottest dance ever on earth besides belly dancing maybe.

Cause it is performed in heels and heels = sexy

And I love the swishy skirt! So nice ok you see the skirt swish here and there everytime you move. I want to learn! I want to learn! Waaaant!

Watched Ice Age 2 after we went home and popped a box of popcorn. I love the cheesy lines lol.

HUGE RIGHT?! Look the bowl is like 2 times the size of your head la ok and that is only 2 packets cause the third packet wouldn't fit into the bowl. 1 box have like 3 packets in it and the buttery flavor is like heavenly and the texture soft and fluffy. Star Cineplex's popcorn tastes like styrofoam compared to this. Oh, and guess how much this 1 box costs?

99 cents.

Life here is great (^o^)

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