Monday, May 5, 2008

Smoothies, Twinkies and Missed Opportunities

Monday, May 5, 2008

Went shopping at Target yesterday and was debating for 20 minutes on whether to buy the box of Twinkies till 2nd sis got mad at me but finally decided not to cause it's 3.99 and I don't feel like spending that much on fat. But I want to try a Twinkie!!!! It's like America's iconic junk food *frowns* I know, I am hell to shop with and my friends can attest to that. Yes, sorry Ammy for making you wait one hour for me last time to decide between 2 books as I emphasize the importance of saving money only to buy both in the end due to indecision..........

Anyway I was thirsty and decided to stop by the food stall to buy a pineapple coconut smoothie and imagine to my horror when I discover that the smoothie was this small:

Sorry I threw the cup away before snapping a picture but it's 2/3 of the above.
Still have audacity put 'enjoy more and pay less' on the cup!!!!!

THAT TINY THING COST ME 1.99 LAR OK I AM SO BESONG HERE WTH I CAN GET A LARGE SIZE SHAKE FOR 2.10 OK!!!! *super irritated* It is NOT cheap ok cause there are so many better things to buy with 1.99 I kid you not and that puny smoothie is not one of them. What's the point I go and save on the Twinkies only to get ripped off 1 minute later by a smoothie?!?!?! 2nd sis asked me to 'tui huo' but mai siao la like I can do that. Ish I shall ask to see a sample of everything the next time I buy something.

Went to Food 4 Less today and yes! yes! yes! they got sell Twinkies in little packets for only 99c hahaha so happy!!!! =DDDD

Am eating a Twinkie now as I type this.......

*bite* *munch* *swallow*

Okaaay. Twinkies are sibeh overrated. Will never buy them again. Not even yummy. It's like butter cake and cream. You're better off with Malaysia's Apollo layer cakes lah. Apollo cakes are at least deliciously flavorful. Hmpf, cheated by the media. How can anyone get fat on Twinkies? I don't even want to eat them again in the future lor.

Twinkies aside, was catching up on some JE news sites few days ago and saw this.

MATSUJUN WAS HERE IN L.A. LAST WEEK!!!!!!!!!1111oneoneone

&*^$#%&()%$!!& How come I didn't know about it?!?! I like MatsuJun a lot ok *tears up* Granted, I know squat about him besides him being in Arashi but I so like him after watching Hana Yori Dango -omg nicest drama ever- and Gokusen......And he was here at USC for his movie premiere and I missed it? I......I.....words fail me.......

This is Matsumoto Jun.
You may hate him now but you won't escape his charms after watching his dramas.

Reading the endless posts and looking at the pictures of those who attended is making me sourer by the second *closes all blogs vehemently* Watching the various reports on youtube sees me slowly morphing into a lemon at each scene where the crowd went into an uproar when he spoke so cutely in English *shuts youtube too*

I shall now stalk all JE sites weekly cause if NEWS ever return here and I somehow miss it I would confirm fling myself into the depths of Malibu's ocean..........

Ok would be very busy these coming weeks as exams and dreaded term papers due dates are looming near and being the kiasu person I am I want to get A's lar ok so updates only when I need a break from studying =)

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