Saturday, May 10, 2008

Love Cute Lil Baby Boys

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dear Blog,

Just now my neighbors had to go out and asked us to peek in on their sleeping son every few minutes. They have the cutest most adorable toddler ever. His name is Caleb and I foresee him as a super shuai guy in 14 years time. If not, also the most adorable guy. Like Massu can =)

The first time I checked on him I was met with an empty crib and was thrown into panic as I pat the bed around frantically for him only to discover him curled up in a tight little ball in the corner lol. So cute the scene *heart melts into a puddle onto the floor*

Halfway through the night he cried and my mom was frantic and called me to deal with him as he simply won't listen to her. But as soon as I stepped into the room and he saw me he immediately stop crying and started reaching out to me. SUPER HAPPY LOR =DDD I like him even more than before liao =)

Sitting in the dark room with him clinging tightly onto me as I rock him back to sleep, I felt so at peace. He is so cute ok. Like a little warm thing that fits so nicely in your arms. And as you feel his little heartbeat against your chest as he falls peacefully asleep on you, it gives you a such a protective feeling. He reminds me of Issac and Cameron back in Kuching. Both easily the cutest baby boys in the church. I miss them T__T

Haihz, I really want a baby boy leh. *prays hard hard that I will have cute baby boy in the future* But seeing as it's impossible at the moment, I shall settle for taking care of little Caleb for the time being. I don't mind babysitting him for free hor, he is so so so adorable can?

Omg I so love little kids*. I like how they trust you wholeheartedly to protect them. I like how they smile so cutely at you. I like how they fit so snugly in you arms. I like how they get this mischievous look in their eyes as they mess your things up. I like how they come running to you with arms outstretch when they see you. I like everything about them and how they can make me really really happy and I would totally give the world for them ok =)

All in all, I am feeling extra happy today =D

*only a specific few cause I am sibeh choosy =P

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