Saturday, May 3, 2008

I Dislike Artsy Movies

Saturday, May 3, 2008

You thought Picasso was bad enough? Just try watching a cubism or surrealism movie. I am eternally scarred for life now. tmd bo tiao di suddenly show a guy slicing a woman's eyeball after a shot of clouds passing by a moon!!! %#$@! wth wth wth!!!! One moment ants are coming out of the guys hand, next he is dragging dead bodies, suddenly the woman's underarm hair switch places with the guy's mouth.....

Omg I am not enrolling myself into another art side course anymore ok! I'd rather watch Ju-On ok that's how bad it is. I hate things that makes no sense, it's just creepy and I had to sit through all 3 movies T___T And I swear if I see another topless woman again I will scream ok. Not like they are chio again. All fat fat middle aged one with saggy boobs. Stupid stupid class *whimpers*

Oh btw I fixed my lappie liao. Spent like the entire night the other day reading the manual and tweaking the machine. Grrr....

Went to Alhambra the day before and am super happy cause it's a Chinese area and everyone is Chinese omg I feel so at home and so contented *bliss*

So beautiful

Obligatory self photo

I am so lazy to wear makeup nowadays..... Anyway, I have gotten considerably fairer! =D But funny thing is I still think I look better tanned. Cause my skin looks like it's been bleached instead and it doesn't look so hot when you're wearing skirts =(

Digressing, but I do look like Chinese no? Then why do the Koreans here always mistaken me and my family for Korean. And somebody teach me how to say 'Sorry I don't speak Korean' in Korean can cause I am totally stumped for a reply when they start rambling to me in strings of Korean and I can only look dumbly at them until they finally realize that I am Chinese and no they don't speak English. And the last time I was in Tokyo, the people there mistook us for Japanese. How?? But I can so tell the difference between this 3 races leh so why can't they? Daddy says thats cause our Malaysian 'bin' looks like a mixture of everything that's why hard to tell lol.

Anyway I still wish I look more Chinese cause secretly I think I look more like Pacific Islander (hawaiian) or Indonesian =( Don't laugh. Later I cry ok.

99 Ranch Market (don't ask me why its not in Chinese)

Typical ah lian boutique lol

Back to Alhambra, everyone around you converses in Chinese and if you decide to speak English you needn't put on angmoh kio in order for them to understand you better =) Signboards are all in Chinese too and I feel like I'm in Kuching again. Got so many Asian food here also and bought a supply of dimsum *happy*

Can never get sick of sushi =D

Speaking of sushi, how come all of my and my sis friends dislike wasabi? *appalled* How can you like sushi and not wasabi?!?!?! Wasabi is like super awesome ok! I always mix it with soy sauce and add it into everything like fries, meehoon, rice, fish, noodles etc. =D (NICE ok I swear) Me and 2nd sis love it so damn much ok cause unlike curry where the spiciness lingers forever, wasabi's disappears after 3 secs instead. And and and you know the feeling where the 'pain' shoots up your nose and fills your head? I love it lol. The pain like just 'zhng' up your nose and when it subsides your head feels 'fresher' than before lol. Eh true what... there are nice pain and not nice pain ok.

Like when your arm got the kind of 'suan' feeling and if you bang it with something hard it feels better. The throbbing pain feels much more song than the annoying 'there yet not there' numbness. Or when your teeth ache you go and bite down on it harder and yes it still hurts but the pain would be different and somehow the 2nd kind of pain makes it feel better. Haih, I don't know how to explain la but certain kinds of pain feels good la ok. And the wasabi pain is a nice pain lol.

Another random shopping area

Ok no more pictures liao cause I am very morbid about taking pictures in public areas. I feel uncomfortable snapping pictures in the middle of roads and malls la ok.


Oh btw Vampire Knight ep.4 is out! But I am super unhappy lor cause some effing moron went and put up spoilers of the whole story!!!!! tmd ok so friggin mad. Toot you idiots who think you're superior to us by reading the manga beforehand and goes around everywhere on forums and streaming sites showing the anime and proceed to haughtily drop your stupid manga spoilers in the comment box and then asking us to read the manga instead cause it's so much better than the anime.

TMD OK NOBODY ASKED FOR YOUR STUPID MANGA SPOILERS AND OPINIONS DAMMIT. And pray tell how is it better than the anime if what we wanted was ANIMATION?!?! Can your manga move? Can it emit sounds? No? Then shut up.

So effing irritated now cause I totally set my heart on enjoying VK to the max and now the fun is gone cause I now know all the answers to the character's questions *frustrated screams*

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