Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Me Loves Food

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am feeling all asjdklasd sadfacey here cause I'm getting fatter each passing day and you don't know it only because I resort to wearing extremely loose shirts to hide all my fats =C But I am quickly running out of loose shirts ok and I think I need to go shopping soon :pouts:

I tell you why we are doomed to fatness forever ok. You see, there is a free food program here twice a month and of course we join!!! :cough:freefoodok:cough: They have pasta, chips, pizzas, canned food, desserts, veggies, milk, gyoza, yogurt etc.

Now the problem is we STILL do our OWN shopping at various shopping places every week. I seriously think that we are missing the whole point of the free food program here :frowns: So now my fridge and pantry is like filled with 7 kinds of ice-cream, 4 kinds of cereals, an assortment of finger food like pizzas, cheese sticks, gyoza, popiah, burritos, pot pies etc. and goodness knows how many other junk food and tinned stuff again.

I had to spend 20 minutes re-arranging everything ok so the door could finally close. Haih you know you have too much when you have to force yourself to eat in order to fit all your newly shopped goods into your fridge.........

Omg that is the most ajaslksad warped logic I've ever written :faceplams:

BBQ!!! Tasty marinated drumsticks and juicy fat kebabs oh how I love yoooou. Have been BBQ-ing endlessly for like weeks ok and you dunno how many people we've made friends with just by hogging the BBQ stand. Everyone gets all friendly as we BBQ together sharing our food. As the saying goes, food makes the world goes round =)

Oh, you mean it's wrong?

Well at any rate food makes people goes ROUND. As round as my cake below:

Why oh why must food be so gloriously delicious and CHEAP here?!?! Yummylicious moist choc cake for 8 bucks only at Costco. If you don't shop at Costco then you are not truly American ok because everyone shops at Costco where everything comes in HUGE sizes.

Cereal boxes thicker than your Oxford dictionary, cream cheese the size of 3 bricks, mayo in jug-like glasses, dressings in buckets and nearly everything comes in crates. The shopping cart is twice the size of a normal one and plastic bags are useless as nothing can possibly fit in so everything is piled back into your humongous cart after paying.

Chocolate = love = Happy Hannah

So much for my 'slim down before summer' diet plans =C Me and 2nd sis split the cost so it's 4 bucks each =) It's so delicious even my family are like begging to buy a slice from us for a buck apiece ($_$) Very tempted to do so but the choc cake told me I would regret it so me no selly hee~

Shan't put pics of 2nd sis today because everyone keeps saying she is hot and she is super hao lian now. Hmph I am pretty too ok :sour:

Are you hungry now? Are you?! Because I am and am downing a bottle of water now to curb my hunger pangs haih blogging about food is such a stupid idea now I think about it. I should blog about thin sexy people and shiny exercising machines so I would have steels of determination to stop eating argh.

.::munch munch munch::.

:pauses midway:


Omg the intense flavor :DIES:

That is the face of pure unadulterated bliss the second right before I went dead to the world and gleefully made my way to pizza heaven.

Sadly, I was sent crashing back down to earth once I swallowed the last bite of pizza =C

All pizzas here are thin crust and their medium is probably bigger than your large pizzas in Malaysia heh. Haih I want pizza NOW!!! :drinks another cupful of water:

Was stalking JE sites today and came across this scan:

asdklasjasd what is this?! IHU Tegoshi :glares: You are already prettier than most of us girls and now you go and diet until so slim like that. Do you hate your fans so much??? :sobs: Stupid Tegoshi I want your body I find it so unfair that you a BOY gets to have almost everything a girl wants. Gaaaah, I think I should give my beloved choc cake away and start a water diet.......

It's a sad sad day when you discover that the idol you love so much though a guy, is way thinner than you can ever be T___________T


Ryan said...

Omg, the ice-cream is bigger than your head.. and the cake cost only 8bucks?!! wow 8 x 3 = 24, cheap oso. XD better than msia, everything get expensive after the TAX =.=

Hana said...

yes it is tooo cheap for my own good =(

Lol M'sia. Everything is expensive there except for the fruits. Oh the fruits how I miss the fruits cause fruits here are super expensive. 3 bananas for like 2.50?

insane-ness lol

Ryan said...

Wah wah, tats expensiv,lol.i would hav quit eating banana for that price XD though i always drink Banana blended in the mamak.. >.<

Hana said...

well, thats what I did. I haven't eaten bananas in months =(

Lol banana blended...tempting me...hmph XP