Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ai Ai Kasa PV Release = Insane Fangirl Ahead

Thursday, May 22, 2008

asljakasad omg I am so bouncy off the walls happy now ok!!!!!!!!!! Tegomass 'ai ai kasa' PV finally came out ok and I'm done downloading it and omg it's so astafgadala marshmallowy sweet and adorable and cute and everything all rolled into one *0*

Just in time to cheer me up in the midst of all my boring term papers! Sorry ok, but I am so bored with studying now I shall just fangirl myself happy again ^^

WATCH IT OK. It's a sweet ballad

I waited for it way longer than 'Summer Time' ok omg Johnny I love you for bringing back Tegomass. I seriously thought he would dissolve them when NEWS returned from their suspension and I am so kyaaa happy he didn't =DDD

My OTP pwns all you other people's OTPs~

I think they're supposed to be rain angels in this PV and yes they look so asjdklasd angelic with shiny auras radiating from their gorgeous forms. On 2nd look, maybe the shiny auras are just a figment of my imagination. But I swear I saw it in the PV.....

*sigh* How nice if only rain were indeed caused by pretty boys playing with water in the sky....

oh Tegoshi ILUSM here ^^

I seriously hated this hair color of his (so ah beng can?) and it was the reason I jumped favorite to Massu lately but idk if it's the lighting here or what that makes his hair actually looks nice here..... All I know is he is definitely back as my ichiban again =) He looks like an angel here can?!

the-bite-lips-action omg the hotness :DIES:

Massu = Cutest boy alive past, present, future

I have nothing to say about Massu cause he is the still the same mass of perfection since he debuted 4 years ago. Sticks to one hairstyle, no urge to go a hideous blond, same sunny personality, still as innocent as ever. That imo is what every singer should follow so we would stop having stars who thinks it's hot to dye their hair into some mangy looking ginger-cat blond. Yes and that means you Yunho, Shige and Tegoshi.

Kya that smile! That smile! omgMassuwhyareyousocute *flails*

This PV is actually chio-er than Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song~ ok and I thought nothing could possibly beat that already :happy: Tegomass is so damn perfect both individually and together till nothing make sense anymore. Drats to you JE for kidnapping my heart by creating such a perfect duo!!!

Ok I think I shall now stop here because it would be nothing but incoherent kya-ing and endless strings of gibberish of me proclaiming how much I like them if I were to continue writing.

You can download the PV here and the MP3 here =)

Now excuse me while I return to the bleak reality of finishing my stupid term paper *grumbles*

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