Sunday, March 16, 2008

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

I want a Matsumoto Jun. I know you probably think he's ugly like we did when we first saw him and were like 'what is wrong with those fangirls, where got hot' and hated him in the first episode, then third episode 'actually....he not that bad as before. I wonder why', and when we reached the 5th episode we were totally siao about him liao. What? He so cute la ok and have this 'kan jiu gen hao kan' kind of aura. Go watch Hana Yori Dango.

Want a Kame also. And I cannot believe I'm saying this cause I used to dislike him alot but Akanishi Jin is pretty darn hot too.

Oh stop about the yaoishness of this pic but I just type in 'Kame and Jin' and this was on the first page so I just copy it. Lazy to go search.

They are now on my favorite aideru list together with Tegoshi, Massu and Koichi liao.

Gokusen 1 and 2 is just simply fantastic! It's impossible to ever resume watching all my backlog of anime after getting hooked on one too many J-dramas. It's so addictive T_T

It's so COLD here now. Like 41 degrees like that which is around *checks google* 5 degrees Celsius. Until now I still don't know how to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius *sigh* Ok so I apologize for the lack of pictures cause after discarding like a ton of lousy pictures I discover that I'm left with only handful of them. Sorry, my bad.

This is how MOST churches here look like complete with massive pipe -PIPE- organs and stain glass windows. There are plenty of big churches here but sadly the congregation are only a handful and they are all made up of senior citizens *sad* and all the hot Koreans attends their own Korean services which are conducted in Korean and oh why didn't I have the foresight to learn Korean?!?!

Well, the churches are beautifully old in more ways than one at least.....Have lots of fun admiring the 'antique-ness' of it.

Another church somewhere along the road. Too many for me to keep track of so I can't remember where. I think it's the one I would be attending later? *shrugs*

City Hall....

Don't you think this shot looks so pro like something from a travel magazine spread? Yes right?

Your boyfriend's heads


OMG I want, no, DEMAND to have this doggie!!!! I even have a name for it lar -KonKon- like the signature move Yamapi does in Nobuta wo Produce. It just screams 'KonKon' to me and it's so ADORABLE!!!! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT!!!!!! KYA! It's like the cutest dog ever in the whole wide universe ever! Just look at it's eyes! *melts*

Ha. I have no idea why they call their drinks 'Naked'. Seriously. Talking about shopping, I LOVE shopping here! For once, the shirts are like really long and perfect for me. Am tired of too short shirts and blouses back in Kuching. Plus all the outfits here are like gorgeously decent and so the style I like unlike the cheap imitation Harajuku style invading Malaysia currently. Ugh! It's like everywhere I go it's all 'Harajuku'. I totally LOVE Japanese fashion like the ones below:

Super nice hor? But the ones in Malaysia looks like a cheap imitation of the real thing in Japan mostly. From China must be. It's more like Ah Lian styles and you should see what half of them wear at times. Omigosh like so hideous can? Long patterned socks with yellow ribbons and yellow shoes matched with a blue -BLUE- puffy skirt. Don't let me get started on the aunties who try to wear Harajuku style outfits....Seriously, all the shops I have left to choose from back home was Giordano, U2, Goggles and the rest of the branded stuff. The rest of my favorite boutiques were completely swamped with 'Ah Lian' outfits.

No Abi, not talking about you la hor don't simply jump to conclusions ok =P

Anyway, as we were strolling around we happen to see this.........

KYA!!!!! LIKE THE OUTFIT MASSU WORE IN PUMPKIN!!!! And we were like 'MASSU' when we saw it causing daddy to go all 'What Massu? What Massu?' all the time while we just go 'um ah nothing, nothing' while babbling away about him.


Ok so now daddy knows what Massu is liao. Bah.

The outfit is like totally cheap. Less than 30 bucks and I know you're like hyperventilating now Ammy but I'm NOT buying it for you.'s children size. TOO BAD. I would have bought in on the spot if it wasn't though. Ma, when I see a teen size one we shall buy just to kek you hahaha.

2nd sis high school. *squints* Omg that's HER and not ME. Ever since she permed her hair, my parents cannot tell us apart from behind and always yell at the wrong person. You know it's a sad sad day when you realize that for all these years, your parents recognizes you by your hair only =(


Nah, silly dandelion clock thingy does not work. Blew 15 puffs and it was 11 am that time. I really thought it would work la ok. I grew up reading about that bah.

The cable here sucks. I miss Astro. The only watchable channel is Disney and I'm like totally addicted to 'Zack and Cody' *Cody is so HOT for a kid* and 'Hannah Montana'. Omg, she is EVERYWHERE literally, on all kinds of food products, games and school supplies....Oh, 'Drake and Josh' is pretty hilarious too. I LOVE Drake. So hot.

But I like JE stars better so ta for now as I shall resume my J-drama obsession. Seriously, high speed internet is ruining me.....

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