Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy *late* Easter!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Chocolate bunnies I got from church

Well, someone is hungry....

I know, one day late. Never mind. Easter here is a bit like Christmas. Totally commercialized too and everywhere you go there is easter bunnies and eggs goodies. I totally LOVE the church we are going to at the moment cause the food there is DELICIOUS ok. And there is plenty so you can get as many thing as you want, not like our previous church in Kuching where they give you the evil glare when you take one measly kuih. So ngiau one. Ming ming the pastor say can enjoy the food after service hor bor the SOME people are just ngiau.

But I forgive her cause the last time I went to the coffee corner, she was so nice and offered me a piece of pie when usually she would berate me for taking one. I wonder why. Maybe it was cause we were leaving and she was just so happy to have me and my sister's paws out of her cakes forever and decided to celebrate the occasion.

Must be one.

Anyway, this is our current church until we get a car and can go to the Asian church further down. What la, you think so easy come here can get car when you want it meh? Still must find people to teach you to drive then take a bunch of tests again baru can get license.

The inside is HUGE as usual and they have pipe organs too! I love pipe organs ok. 100 miles away also can hear. So when you are halfway across the street and start to hear the music, you know you must run or not you'll be late.

Will NOT attempt to wear heels again until daddy gets a car. I didn't wear heels for weeks and was so unaccustomed to wearing them again and nearly break my legs running in them while we were a little late for church. Stupid traffic lights all red.

One thing I find not so used to is that all the churches I've been to here so far does not have any praise and worship. Only sing one or two songs then sermon liao. Feels weird. I want planetshakers!!!! *envies the people in Australia


Dunno if it's sakura or what but MUST TAKE PICTURES!!! Yay, Spring is coming!!! No more cold weather. Can wear skirts again! =D So sick of wearing pants already.

Wind was blowing

Sorry la but I can't post pictures of my family up so that explains the stars. They want their privacy mah and I can't very well crop all three of them out so stars it shall be. What you mean then might as well don't post? I'm in the pic ok so I want it to be UP.

My car. So unique right? Jealous?

Ok fine not my car but look it's made of wood so I just snap a picture. Sha, I think this car definitely beat your 'jeep kancil' as the most weirdest car ever lol.

You know what I want for my birthday this year?

A Piñata

No, I'm not kidding. I don't care if it's very seh kia to want such things but I've been wanting one since I saw it on Barney & Friends when I was young. Can smash it. Smashing things is fun la ok. Don't tell me you never have the urge to knock down people's sandcastle or pull a box out of a pyramid stacked boxes just to see how it tumbles down. I LOVE Uno Stacko too for that very reason.

What la I am not a violent person and do not go around smashing things la ok. But piñata very fun to smash cause got candy inside. Ok I think I better shut up cause I'm sounding sillier by the second -_-

Want a Piñata!!!!

Went grocery shopping at a Chinese supermarket last week and got so many weird things like Pig Tongue above. TONGUE!!! Eww, not geli meh you use YOUR TONGUE to taste ANOTHER TONGUE?! I never knew pig tongue so huge one. Very sua ba lao. Must make effort to learn how to buy food and cook them or not when my family returns to Malaysia, I would become bamboo pole ok.

The rest of the pictures below are specially taken for my dear twinny twin twin Ammy....


Haha and to think you were all high and mighty bragging to me about how you ate gyoza and are going to eat Xiao Long Bao (which you still haven't HA!) while here in America, everything you want can be found.

I hearts America cause there is so many things I can kek you with LOL.


Keep seeing that in Japanese anime and drama so I buy lor. Here also got sell takoyaki in Chinatown so seriously Ammy, you only have Kolo Mee and Laksa left to kek me. Which I don't really miss.

Nyah nyah!

Daifuku is red bean paste in the flour mooncake type of wrap/skin whatever you call it. Quite sweet but still yummy.

DOUBLE Nyaaah!!

Seriously no more kick in trying to find Japanese or Chinese food or whatever NEWS ate in their videos cause all you have to do is enter a supermarket, find the correct aisle, pick it up and pay for it. For sure have one.

Do you hate me yet Ammy? Do you? No?

Rocky Road ice-cream *smirks*

Yes, there are marshmallows in it. Ok I think I kek you enough liao =P My mission is done. Ha, you can keep on harping about how you want to strangle me and such but you must first buy a plane ticket to here to do so.

HEH! So I think I am very very very safe *sticks tongue out*

One new thing I love about here?

Dried leaves

I just LOVE the sound of it crunching under my feet. Like keropok =P Sigh, the little things in life are always beautiful =)

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