Friday, February 29, 2008

Long Update

Friday, February 29, 2008

Finally got around to watching the JE 2008 Countdown concert and all my backlog of anime which I've stopped watching since I found NEWS -Bleach is awesome- since I'm Internetless for days and am nearly going crazy with boredom. There is tons of things to do here but you need a car for that which reminds me that I had better go and read the driver handbook to get my license. Seems like you need a license to buy a car -_-

Anyway Ammy I have yet to listen to 'Bambina' but omg I saw a couple lines of the lyrics and what the heck is it me or is the song like damn suggestive?! What has become of NEWS? It's like a 100 times more perverted than 'Chirarizumu' and that is like only the first 4 lines or so.

I seriously love NEWS more. Bambina is such a sexy sexy song. Totally in love with it now ♥

Ok pictures!!!

Shall start with the farewell dinner and lunches though. Selected only a few dinner pictures cause the rest got adults and I don't want to get into trouble for putting their pics up on the net and whatnot.

For the first time in my life I finally get to eat Yee Sang and it's quite delicious.

'Lao lao lao....lao hot guys, straight A's, lenglois etc.' lol

My two favorite cousins

I really do miss you both. You better come visit us here in the states during the holidays and make sure you stay for weeks or months even and by that time hopefully I would have a job and can buy like tons of food to fatten you guys up hehehe.

Well, more like part of it. I have like maybe a 100 or so relatives of my dad's side. You think I would be bloody rich on CNY hor but that does not seem to be the case. I wonder why....

Ok skip to the farewell lunch my friends held for me at Junction. Pictures speak a thousand words so I'll just post them.

Well except for this pic.

It speak only one word: Delicious

Abi and me

BFF forever

*P.S. Ken we love you for making us look skinny here lol

I'll like to thank you all for the glorious gifts =) Thanks Abi for the book. Me and my sis finished it already and it's awesome. Thanks Sha for the numerous gifts which I *guilty look* don't think I deserved. You are too good of a best friend liao *tears up* Hugs....

Just look at what the rest gave me hehehe

Can you guess?

It's a radio cum speaker pig! It's so friggin cute my entire family is in love with it. You press the ears to change channels! You know how awesome it is or not? Like when you go Singapore you can hear Singapore's radio stations and the same goes for Tokyo and here in California =D

Look the tail is the volume controls!


Most of my friends still keep buying me pink stuff even after I've taken an affinity to gold and white ages ago cause I guess gold and white stuff are hard to find but due to all the pink stuff they keep buying me, my pink obsession has resurfaced once again and all my college supplies are now pink cause the stores here are awesome and have like a section for all pink stuff. There are even pink tennis rackets and tennis balls here which I know a certain someone would be jealous to hear about lol.


The home of Tegoshi, Koichi, Pi, Kame blablabla *goes into delirious state*

The first thing 4th sis did after we arrived was whining to go to the toilet to which I asked her to shut up cause I had a bloody headache due to the flight (I HATE PLANES) and we had to wait in line for our transit check in but then 2nd sis went all 'Hannah! Wait! This is Japan!!!' excitedly to which I just went 'SO?!' in a very condescending tone as I was still feeling nauseous but apparently not sick enough to forget the fact that Japan toilets are very hilarious whereby I became better in an instant and dragged my entire family minus my dad into the nearest restroom =P

Hahaha I kepo kepo went and push all the buttons beside the seat le...Got one is like a button to emit flushing sound for what reason I have no idea. Seriously. If you want to flush then just pull the handle lar. Create fake sounds for what????

Nah, what an authentic Japan toilet looks like

You know what I saw after I exit the restroom?

A SUPER SIBEH HOT GUY!!! Omg he is so tall and so JE worthy and he was in a dark suit again!!! What is he?? An air-steward? I am so gonna fly Japan Airlines the next time I visit Tokyo *nods head determinedly*

The many vending machines in the airport which I can only stare at cause I have no Japanese yen wth. I want to go for a holiday in Japan. WAAAAANT! Everyone around me were speaking in Nihon-go it's so nice =)

Delicious. Absolutely delicious. 1.50 bucks per onigiri. Which is like 3 ringgit for one but whatever la I still force my daddy to buy for me cause in Japan liao la ok and I want to eat one from there. But so siasoi lar we don't know how to open it and ended up tearing the seaweed so I had to humbly asked the shopkeeper to teach me how to open it. They keep speaking to me in Japanese and I thank the heavens for learning the basics or not I would have no inkling of what they are saying.

Finally got the hang of it.

Pretty no?

Yummylicious too =D

In the terminal waiting for our transit to Los Angeles.

Yalar my hair so messy but yours would be too if you were stuck on a flight for 7 hours.

So sian la we were stuck in the transit terminal the whole time so there isn't much to see -_- but still there is quite a number of bishies strolling around the area and I am so making up my mind to return to Japan to marry one of them visit as a tourist or an exchange student if possible.

Took us another 10 hours till we reach L.A. but I didn't feel a bit nauseous for this particular flight. Yay! Maybe cause all around me were Japaneses and beside me even so I was too engrossed with hearing them speak to be sick lol.

I love how they speak English. So cute!

Ok ok I know you are getting sick of Japan. But I'm not! I can go on and on and.....

Fine. Los Angeles highways:

Downtown Los Angeles

By the way I didn't snap any photos of the airport cause it's ugly. KLIA is like super chio compared to it. Heck, even Kuching one is more glamorous. So much for 'glamorous' L.A.


Too bad I don't give two hoots about it. I watched the Academy Awards a few days ago and totally couldn't recognize ¾ of the people there nor the movies.

I don't follow any entertainment industry except JE and that's mostly NEWS alone with a little Koichi or Kame. The rest I don't care. Much less Hollywood. Don't find them glamorous *shrugs*

Am getting lazier to continue writing so pictures all the way.....

Garfield Avenue. So cute.

Must. Not. Go. Shopping.

Shall go to the nearest bank and open and account and dump all my money in there cause everything here is too damn cheap that is if you don't convert and everything so enticing it's really hard to just buy what you NEED. Talk about the supermarkets....

They have like an entire freakin long aisle devoted to ice-cream alone and everything is mostly below 6 dollars for 2 plus everything is like pre-cooked or pre-packaged I can so see why Americans are fat. Even hard boiled eggs -HARD BOILED EGGS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD- are pre-packaged. Got instant rice too wth. All you need at home is a microwave and you can survive. Well, you'll get horrendously fat though but hey you don't need to cook.

The milk here *smirks*

I love Cheerios!

I really do. It's nicer than all those fancy sweet cereals.

Yes. That is only 3 dollars.

It's as long as my body I kid you not.

So much for your Chipster. HAHAHA.

I saw a box of Twinkies leh and was about to grab it till I saw a woman beside me reaching for one too and after seeing her size I immediately shove the box back on the shelf. Whoever told me that Californians are skinny should be shot. As if la. I am considered super slim here lor. But then all the Asians here look emaciated so I'm also refraining myself from eating or not later I lose out to them. Which explains why I torture myself to walk instead of taking the bus for the time being.

Die die also must get the Hollywood body.

I know I said I don't care for Hollywood but I want to be skinny la so, so be it.

Oh Abi here hardly got Japanese =( Only got Koreans. Every 9 out of 10 Asians are Koreans. Nearly all churches are Korean too. What la, I learn wrong language tmd. But that means got lots of hot Asian guys =D Though there is an equal amount of hot Asian girls too =( Sorry about hot angmohs, I wouldn't know cause I don't really bother looking for them. So stop asking me about that. I swear I would clubbed the next person who dare ask me bring an angmoh bf back. I'm not racist and wouldn't mind befriending them cause some are really nice and helpful but I'm really not interested in them from that perspective so stop pelting me with the same questions over and over again la dammit.

Ammy this is specially for you:


Nyah-nyah! Someone bought a packet for us when we arrived so there! I also get to eat Gyoza =P

Fry fry fry....

Tadah! Ready to eat!


SHUT UP Ammy on how it isn't pretty. It's still delicious. I think I did something wrong though I'm sure I followed the instructions carefully le...haiyar maybe I'm just not made to cook. I think I lost all culinary skills ever since I stopped cooking 2 years ago =(


My mom brought like a box of maggi mee, milo powder, laksa ingredients and a bunch of herbs so she can still cook Malaysian food.

Cute Squirrel

I love the libraries here cause it has tons of manga! Got Fruits Basket! Omg I LOVE FRUITS BASKET!!! I hope she ends up with Kyo. I hate Yuki. So girly boy. Now if they have Ouran I would be ecstatic. Maybe they do and I just didn't search well enough after finding Furuba.

The Internet speed here is FTW. The things all so cheap and when you get a car there are tons of gorgeous places to visit. Everything here is like so advanced also and can be done online or through your phone. Actually, without the Internet you can just die la cause everything is done online. That's how advance it is. The education system here is much more fun too whereby you get to learn so many different stuff not related to your major. Studying has never been this fun. Omg, I think I'm gonna love it here.

Once I get a job I'll be able to be independent and after looking around I think the living cost isn't expensive at all and you just need to learn how to save and you would be fine. I think I shall enjoy living here after all =)

I love America.

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