Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Was reading a few of my previous posts and omg but Tegoshi and Massu are cho kawaii!!!

As soon as I earn 1000 bucks I think I want to fly back to Malaysia or maybe Japan -seeing that it is nearer- to do eye enhancement surgery la. Then I shall ask for either Tegoshi's eye shape seeing as it's the most chio pair of eyes I've ever seen or maybe a smiley one like Massu which my aunty did and was cho chio.

Then I needn't bother with double eyelid tape, liner or false lashes anymore.

P.S. : Oh Ammy, can mail me a packet of eyelid tape cause I'm running out lol.


Lance said...

how bout getting kururu's eyes from keroro gunso. google it ^^

Hana said...


so bad suggestion one.

omg i died lafing seeing the pic. never knew got such anime.

Lance said...

go try it =D highly recommend if u really got nothing else better to do. if not, dun, trust me. u'll easily get sick of it @_@