Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sushi, Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Went out with my twin yesterday for a Japanese fest cause we keep watching all these NEWS videos and they keep eating various Japanese cuisine till we also can't help but crave for it too =)

First stop was Sushi King at Boulevard. You know what I LOVE most about Sushi King? The conveyor belt! So nice ok. Round and round and round it goes...........

And this one is EXTREMELY long compared to KL so when you miss a dish you have to wait like 15 minutes till it comes back.

I think I'm in love with the conveyor belt. Shall install one in my house when I strike gold. Together with a chocolate fountain. And a popcorn machine. And an ice-cream machine. And maybe a soda fountain too........

I think I should just go open a cinema in the future.

Anyway the reason I wanted to go to some sushi place was solely for this:


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE BABY OCTOPUSES!!!! Ever since Ammy introduced it to me at some other sushi place I had a craving for it like every single day. It's like sotong but tastes much nicer =D But the portion here is like so bloody little I'm dissatisfied.

Another octopus sushi. I say eating the octopuses alone is way nicer. Is it possible to rear baby octopuses in some fish pond in LA? Am seriously contemplating that.....

Try this! I swear it's heavenly. It's hard boiled egg with mayo and imitation crab meat and is so delicious we got two plates and would have taken a third had I NOT stopped Ammy cause I want to try other stuff too.

Have no idea what's difference between the two. I don't know which one is Salmon. I just take nia cause it looks nice but that Ammy is INSANE ok!!! Keep taking the 2nd dish one after another.

So tall! Looks so pretty and artistic!

Until the bill came.

RM70++. Nothing pretty about that. Stupid service charge takes up 5 bucks. WHAT SERVICE? I personally lift MY hands to take the plates off the belt and I'm being charged 5 bucks for what le?


I swear if it weren't for my constant calculations (see, I make a GOOD accountant heh) that Ammy would probably keep on taking dish after dish till we would probably end up with a RM300 bill. It's possible with her ok.

KFC Mascots dancing

HAHAHAHA! Now you don't get to see this everyday. The nugget reminds me of Chicken Little. The expression. Don't you think so?

Ammy, your boyfriend.

Went browsing around shops trying on everything but buying nothing. I'm planning to go shopping with my cousins tomorrow so shall shop later. On another note......


We both want it dammit. Look, if you are obsessed about NEWS or Pi himself and decides to watch Proposal Daisakusen, please get ready a bottle of coffee milk in advance cause I swear you would start having this insane urge for it from the 2nd episode onwards.

Finally found her book!!!

Been searching all over town for it. She's amazing. Published a book at 15. She's a local author and you can visit her blog though I have to warn you that she is like a 2nd XiaXue so if you don't like XX then stay away. But I seriously love and admire her grasp of the English vocabulary. I swear her SAT English no problem one. I plan to read this book during my TWENTY SIX hour journey to US but it's so hilarious that I have a hard time NOT reading it now. Shall have to lock it up somewhere in my drawer or else I would have nothing left to read by the 18th =(

I think I spent like a whole hour in Popular Bookstore trying to decide whether to buy her book or this Japanese book I found cause I HATE spending money on books ok. Even when I ADORE books like anything. This is the FIRST time I bought a book. I prefer borrowing them cause I can remember everything I read once.

Too bad the same thing doesn't apply when it comes to school text books T__T

So as I was saying, it's a waste for me to buy books cause I don't read them a second time as I can remember the story all too well. I can even remember ALL the stories I've read during Kindergarten. So I spent like forever trying to decide which to buy till Ammy got REALLY SICK of me. I was even hesitating and deciding all the way to the counter.

I bought both in the end though.

Am trying not think about the 60 bucks I've just lost to some processed trees.


Went to Jalan Song cause there is this stall that sells takoyaki and okonomiyaki. Cause in this NEWS DVD each member had to chia the group a meal at every place they stop for their concert and takoyaki and okonoyaki were included. Ryo chia-ed the takoyaki while Massu -MASSU♥- cooked okonomiyaki for them.

Takoyaki is Octopus Balls. No, not their balls ok. I mean balls as in it's shaped like a ball.

Does octopuses have balls anyway???

They should, shouldn't they?

Somebody wiki it and tell me please?


This is Osaka style though. Massu's was Hiroshima style but I have no idea where can you find that here so settle for the next best thing lor.

I know. I know. I think we are insane also. Stupid NEWS. YOU RUIN OUR LIVES YOU KNOW OR NOT!!! But oh how we love you guys so~

In case you are new to my blog, this is NEWS.

In the DVD there was also cow tongues (Shige), hotpot (Koyama), fish ovaries (Ryo again) and Yamapi's whose meal we find impossible to follow cause it was so huge and we have no idea what half of them are.

I draw the line at fish ovaries though. No friggin way am I eating some sex organs of some fish or of any animal for the matter.

Ammy I DEMAND you re-watch the DVD and find out what Tegoshi's one was cause I forgot liao.


You see the paper thin brown flakes on top of both dishes? That silly twin of mine said it was alive cause it appears to be swaying individually as if it was breathing and she was like so triumphant when she told me that after I swallowed a takoyaki thinking I would be disgusted. As if. The way she went all 'Hannah I have something to tell you' made me want to strangle her thinking it was really made of octopuses testicles or something equally as disgusting.

Anyway I didn't believe her 'it's alive' theory cause for goodness sake it's A FLAKE!!! So we asked the seller in the end and she said that cause it's so thin, it starts moving when it's hot. Something to do with science and how hot air flows and stuff.


We saw gyoza (aka Xiao Long Bao aka Guo Tie) too!!! That's like Massu's favorite food ever and Ammy wanted to eat it but we were too full by the time we finish both the takoyaki and okonomiyaki.

Nevermind. We shall go out another day again to eat gyoza and orh chien. Shall take 2nd sis along too. That stupid girl ditched me at the last minute. I THINK I AM SUCH AN AWESOME SISTER for still buying back a packet of okonomiyaki and takoyaki for her knowing how much she likes Massu.

Ok ok ok we aren't as insane as some fangirls and we only did this cause we are so lazy to plan what to do every time we go out so doing so would be easier. No need to think. Just 'oh NEWS ate that, wanna go try?'.

Ok I think I shall stop here before you people get sick of my NEWS rants.


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