Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Useless IT Guy

Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Recently my laptop had some problems going online so I took it to the shop to have it fixed only to bring it back to discover that instead of being fixed, not only can't it go online, even my norton and a heck lot of other programs were corrupted ki.

So I took it back to the shop again. ONLY TO HAVE THE ORANGE WIRELESS LIGHT DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY when I brought it back again. Ok, majorly annoyed. Drove back there the next day for the THIRD time and watch the so called IT guy fiddling around the configurations aimlessly then tell me that the whole laptop had to be reformatted after 20 minutes of fruitless fiddling around.

Ready to ask someone to fire him already but patience patience. So I gritted my teeth and agreed to it and was told to pick it up the next day. GUESS WHAT HAPPEN THE NEXT DAY????


Am hopping mad this time. 6 TIMES I HAD TO DRIVE BACK AND FORTH TO COLLECT IT AND MY PROBLEM STILL ISN'T SOLVED. Had to reformat my laptop and lost all programs again!!! On top of that I had to endure my dad yelling at me cause he needed the laptop and since that stupid guy isn't here, so yell at the next best person hor. Which is me. Who kindly agreed to drive up and down to get the bloody thing fixed. You tell me I got right to be mad or not?!?!?!

Since he keeps telling me it works perfectly fine at his place, I demanded him to come to my place to fix it once and for all. Am NOT making anymore fruitless trips. So he came over and spend goodness know how long trying to configure things till I got tired of waiting and decide to leave him to his own devices as I've a party to attend.

Came back later to see daddy smiling happily surfing the net with his laptop. Went upstairs to switch on my computer to chat with my friends....NOW GUESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT???


Practically exploded. WHAT THE HECK OK?! Seriously contemplating strangling that incompetent IT dolt of a techician with my DSL cable or maybe whacking him with my keyboard. I've watched tons of CSI recently I'm sure I can clean up my tracks. No one would know. Just one blow to his empty head with my CPU would be enough. AM SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY IRRITATED!!!!! Even more so cause it was 12am and I cannot call him to yell at him.

Called him the next day only to hear him cheerfully tell me it's his day off...

FORGET IT!!! I shall do it myself. I bet I know more than him. Stupid idiot. Technician my eye! And you know what? After fiddling around for a while I actually managed to solve the problem.

I AM GENIUS!!!!!!!

Me. Insane NEWS fangirl me who keeps a pink blog can fix a problem a so-called IT technician can't *smirks* You know what? I don't care if you IT people can run batches of MS-DOS or maybe write codes or whatever stuff which people like me cannot do. If you cannot fix my problem, no matter how tiny it might seem next to your other vast knowledge of IT, you can just stuff your superior tech talk up your you-know-what.

Have no need for the stupid technician anymore *deletes his number into oblivion*

I am genius.

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Anonymous said...

lolx... a lot of idiot in world, jz don look 4 dem la... luckily u say useless IT guy n not guyS, coz i been in their grp oso....