Saturday, February 9, 2008


Saturday, February 9, 2008

I have half a mind to strangle you both for infecting me with your TVXQ bug T__T

You're supposed to just let ME infect you with my NEWS bug and leave it at that. NOT infecting your cousin back with your TVXQ bug......

I just finish 'Vacation' (their movie) yesterday day night and omg why are they so friggin adorable it's just so mean ok, I already have NEWS liao bor you know! Speaking of 'knows', U-Know is so cute! The setback is that all the clips my cousin gave me are chinese-subbed. So I have a hard time trying to read, process and translate the words into English as fast as I can while all the while trying to look at U-Know face too. But I'm getting better at it now lol.

Am watching 'Tokyo Holiday' now =P Hilarious!

U-Know. U-Know. U-KNOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!

*slaps self*

I like Tegoshi.


Anyway, about NEWS. Their new single 'Taiyou no Namida' PV is out liao!


He looks hotter again! And less girlish. And btw you pig 2nd sis, stop reading my blog ok. Hmph. And just for the record, U-know is mine. Shut up.

Stupid Animax. I stayed up the WHOLE -ok not whole- NIGHT to wait for NEWS appearance on Music Station only to discover that they cut the show in half and would only air the 2nd half today. The one with NEWS, Kat-tun (Kame!) and Kinki Kids (Koichi!) in it. Grr....

I never knew JE was that popular.....They actually invited EVERY band frome JE. Smap, Tokio, V6, Arashi, NEWS, Kat-tun, Kanjani 8, Kinki Kids, Tacky & Tsubasa, Hey! Say! Jump! omg why am I remembering all their names?

Oh and after watching Music Station, I take what I said about Japanese guys all being pretty boys back. Only JE guys are hot. The rest are..........

Ok enough fangirling. My house is filled with brown boxes now. Only NINE days left. Boooo~ This sucks. Seeing everything packed in boxes sucks even more. Am feeling somewhat depressed. It would be at least THREE FREAKIN YEARS before I can step foot back in Malaysia again. That is if I'm ever gonna come back seeing that US is a much better place to live in. No such thing as favoritism of certain races there.

I am starting to miss all those tiny little things I took for granted before now ='(

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