Saturday, February 23, 2008

Short Update

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lalalala~ Sorry for the lack of updates but I have yet to get my internet lines and there is still a huge load of photos that I have yet to edit.

It's still winter here and its's absolutely FREEZING! It's like 60 degrees here. Everyday I just crank the heater up to 80 degrees or higher. I don't care how people keep commenting on how warm it is, my room now feels exactly like Malaysia and I like it that way. The people here are really nice. REALLY REALLY NICE. Offering you stuff and rides etc. I hearts America.

You know....I am going to be SO SLIM very soon. Seeing as I have no car at the moment and have to WALK to school which is like a 30 minute walk. Sometimes it gets scary cause there would be strangers tooting their horns at you or going 'hi' and stuff to which I would walk briskly away while muttering strings of prayers. But so far they won't really harass you like the Malays back in Malaysia. Omg I really hate it back there. Eveywhere you go be it school or outside there would be a bunch of them staring lecherously at you and shouting all kinds of rubbish. HATE IT. Cannot go anywhere without a guy with me as it's seriously dangerous being alone. Here in California though the police are plenty and the people not as siasualai as those back home.

Anyway, college is FUN!!! Sadly, I've arrived a tad bit later and most classes are closed so I'm stuck with stuff like Theater Arts: History of Early Films which I thought would be soporific but instead ended up being super interesting and there's like movies to watch every class!

Studying in California is awesome. They have numerous courses and since I'm planning to transfer out after 2 years I have like a list of courses to complete and it's so interesting! Got Japanese classes!!!!! I wanted to take that but my dad forbid me to =( He wanted me to take what Religious Studies instead so I can better understand people in the future blablabla. I WANT TO LEARN JAPANESE LA OK!!!! Will try to sneak that class in next term. HA!

I want to know what courses do you people in Malaysia and Australia take cause here in the US we get to declare our majors two years later and basically complete our lists of general studies which to my huge surprise and distaste included science!!!! WHAT LA OK?! I thought I never have to see those subjects again!!!!! Apparently I have to take stuff like arts, humanity, social, science etc. besides my major which is Accounting. So I get to learn everything under the sun like socialogy and stuff.

Ok, am lazy to go on. Ammy just sent me a bunch of links to NEWS stuff and I'm suffering from Tegoshi withdrawal so I shall now amuse myself with videos of him. Will blog more with pictures next time.


mangyik said...

from what i know from my housemate who is doing american degree transfer program,in the first two years, u guys have to do various types of subjects to fulfill the credit requirement for ur major in future. those various subjects include all those u mentioned, ranging from science to social science to humanities, which is very different from aus and malaysian system which only require u to do subjects which got to do with ur major in future. erm, enough info?

btw, ignore what i commented in my cbox. i didnt really get what u meant in the first place.=)

mangyik said...

in other words, for australian program, if u want to major in accountings in future, all u have to take is english,maths,economics,accountings and specialist maths.that's the normal subject combination for pre-u (one year course). then in uni (another four years), u will go into the major in depth.

if im not mistaken, US programs will enable u to graduate earlier compared to other countries.

not sure bout malaysian system....