Thursday, February 14, 2008

Finally IT Arrives

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Somebody please go to Tokyo and steal this for me:

I know right! Can practically wallpaper one side of my room with the Tegoshi poster alone! But since that's impossible I shall settle for something more attainable like what I got in the mail today.

Finally it's here!!!! I've been waiting like since forever till I nearly forgot all about it lol.

All the way from Japan!!! Lalala~

Muahahaha Ammy. Look what I got:

Took this in a hurry so not very nice.

My very own huge Tegoshi poster! Now this, THIS POSTER alone is gonna follow me all the way to sunny California for all I care. I had to give up the rest of my posters (Jaaaay!) already to conserve space but this one follows.

Hot as always. Love~ But the @%!@! postman here in Malaysia crumpled it so now Tegoshi has like little creases on his perfect face. Grr. Most people would know how perfectionist I am by now when it comes to things I own. I HATE blemishes of any sorts on any of my stuff.

*grumbles about incompetent postmen and what-not*

Thank you very much Shirley! Love ya lots! Will try to do the things you've requested in your note =)

Now if any of you dare comment about how you think other members are hotter or stupid comments like 'Isn't that a girl?' will have your head personally bitten off by me.

*points to corner where heaps of unfortunate souls' heads lay*

Am NOT kidding. Something happened recently which really ticked me off a great deal so I'm in no mood to deal with idiotic statements like those. No, it has nothing to do with NEWS themselves cause I couldn't care less what they do off-screen. But it's a long story and telling it would only tick me off more.

*goes off happily to pack poster into luggage*

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