Monday, January 21, 2008

Lemon Grass

Monday, January 21, 2008

Mummy asked me to get some lemon grass from my grandmother's house today.

Obviously translated:

Me: My mom asked me to get some 柠檬草.

Grandmother: What 柠檬草?

Me: You know, '柠檬草' la. The lemon smelling one.

Grandmother: We don't have any '柠檬草' here. 柠檬 where got 草. Exactly what is it?

Me: *exasperated* GOT!!!! You know the one you use to cook Assam curries and stuff??

Grandmother: Oh, you mean '香茅'

Me: '香茅'? You mean it's called that??? Oh.....

What the toot la. Why call lemon grass '香茅'?!?!?! '柠檬草' not more chun meh? What does '香茅' mean anyway??? Anyway, everyone should be able to understand that '柠檬草' is lemon grass no? Simple mah! Just direct translate also can guess what I'm trying to say.....Why isn't anyone smart enough like me to do that???

2nd sis: Oh? You, smart? You just keep dreaming la you stupid melon girl....

What?!?!? *stares incredulously* Say me fat is it? You want die hia????? You yourself then is a melon!!!

2nd sis: *smirks* No. Just direct translate la like you said......傻瓜.

Hmph. *sulks*

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Anonymous said...

had anyone told u ur chinese translation frm english rili entertain'in?