Friday, January 4, 2008


Friday, January 4, 2008

Why is it that just when you find something precious, you are forced to part with it?

The past few months had me discovering so many new friends. Friends that I could truly be comfortable with where there isn't any awkward silence. Friends that have the very same interests as me. Friends that I could chat to anytime and anywhere and never feel lost for words. Friends that have become so precious to me in just the few months we've met.

I think I do have many friends but I think that somehow the bond of those friendships never could enter that whole new level of 'special friendship' reserved for a special few no matter how hard we try. Don't get me wrong, I do love all my friends truly and deeply but I never could never reach that level with them because of the different interests and opinions. I never could understand all those dramas and movies about friendships. I mean yeah sure it's sad to part but why can't they just find like new friends lah, after all life goes on. It cannot be that painful.

When my parents and others ask us if we feel sad leaving Malaysia, we just shrug and never gave it much thought. Leave then leave lo. Big deal.

Until I found them......

Funny how in just a matter of minutes of chatting, it seemed like we've known each other since forever. If I weren't a Christian and know that there is no such things as past lives, I might be tempted to believe that we once were the closest of friends in the past. Suddenly the prospect of leaving becomes very painful. Suddenly all those emotions of parting found in those friendship dramas becomes clear. Suddenly time seem to go faster than you want it to and you find yourself helpless against it.

One of them is Ammy. I met her in eiChi's akiyame forum, had a lot of fun debating there, chatted to her online for the first time and ended up with a 7 hour msn chat record, met her in life and found that we can go on and on and on until one of us tell the other to shut up lol. Mostly it ends with Ammy asking me to shut up because I am just naturally more sarcastic a better debater than her and she always end up having nothing to shoot back. HA! =P

Twinny twin twin...

As promised here are the photos taken during our Akiyame forum members trip to Matang Wildlife Park. I seriously dislike my camera now. I want eiChi's SLR camera ok?! Even toilets looks good on her screen. She doesn't even have to try to snap a standard good picture. Everything comes out pretty. And when she does try, it becomes 'pro'.

Sun Bear

Does it even looks remotely like a sun??? It's BLACK. Have no idea why it's called sun bears....Or knowing me, I most probably got the name wrong again. Like today I saw this girl who I think is my sister friend (darn, they all look alike) asked me helped her buy her books and I was like 'Form 4 izzit' and wonder why she kept staring at me weirdly until 2 hours later did I realized that she have to be in Form 5 like my sis.

I am seriously hopeless at times.

By the way, I discover that I have no pictures.....all the pictures turned out sucky cause of the cages.

Am totally out of shape. Half dead and panting halfway through only to be faced with that! (pic above) The super long stairs.....I wonder how I managed to survived. Oh I should really really consider suing Nike. I keep slipping every 5 minutes. Ask anyone. Bloody useless shoes. Keep making noises like a half dead toad again. Shall never buy Nike ever again.

Oh I forgot, those of us who went were eiChi, Yen, Brennan, Ammy and two other guys whose name I do not know. NOT I forgot ok. I really don't know. I don't know why but Brennan voice sounds a lot like Hilary's. I kept forgetting that it was him and wonder why Hilary is with us every few minutes. Seriously, the tone and everything. EXACTLY ALIKE.

Or maybe just I don't hang out with them often enough to be able differentiate their voices throughly.

Ammy's relative

This is one camwhore of an orang utan. Just look at it's slutty magazine pose next:

See? Slutty pose.

Ha, saw Ammy's name on the wall. So maybe there is one 'm' less but who can be bothered?

I'm seriously sorry for the lack of nice photos. You just have to wait until eiChi blog about it. Her camera is bound to even make those hideous cages look like precious silver.

Japanese students!!! I mean their artwork. Man, I want to go to Japan. I hope LA got hot Japanese guys although I highly doubt it as even in their entertainment world, only JE Talent Agency boys are hot. By the way, the sign said the landscaping was done by them, the Ritsu school people la and not JE, but I totally see NO SIGNS of any landscaping. Unless the latest trend in Japan is overgrown weeds and wild bushes.

It says March 2007 AGAIN. Impossible an entire garden can disappear in just 9 months right?

The stream! The stream! The welcomed coolness after a hot day of hiking. But damn sian I cannot go in cause of girl problems. Of all days.....-_- Anyway, the rest were extremely excited and was about to jump in until.....


Guess they cannot have fun in the stream after all muahahahaha...... until someone had to point out that the ranger said to ignore the signs. Some ranger....ask people ignore signs. He said there aren't anymore crocodiles. So they all happily trooped into the refreshing water to kek me...

On the search for....... ?

See their happy faces?

Ammy: Ooh! Let's do the typical NS pose!!!

And there you have it...

HAHA! It DOES looks like the famous NS pose! The expressions and everything. Hahaha. Had tons of fun on the way back talking about all kinds of nonsensical stuff besides stalking Ammy to find out where her house is as she refuse to tell us. Sad to say, she discover us tailing her and chased us away =(

Was dead tired when I reached home but remembered that Chee Xiung invited me and 2nd sis to his house so die die also must go =) Play and chatted until dinner time before going out for ice-cream again.

Youth Camp '07

This is the other group of friends I was talking about. Met in Youth Camp, crash their room to play games cause we know Ivan and Augustine, then suddenly discover that Chee Xiung like Tegomass like siao, became INSTANT friends, continue to get to know him and Aaron better, chatted until 3am in the morning in their room and kena cheng the next day for nearly missing half of the morning devotions =P

This is Aaron

Our Uno Stacko building damn satt ok! LOOK! Standing on ONE block! Aaron and Chee Xiung super deceiving la ok. I thought Chee Xiung was like super guai and Aaron the noisy one and it turns out to be the total opposite. Looks are deceiving.

At 3am, you tend to get a bit siao. I think we were playing truth or dare and someone dared Chee Xiung to stuff his head into the lamp for want of nothing better to do. That was after we asked him to sing the ABC song outside the balcony top.

We discover to our dismay that one of the camp advisers were in the room RIGHT NEXT to us the next morning. I think they heard all our secrets as we were extremely loud.

Anyway, we had tons of fun at camp but thought we would never see each other again until 3 days later Ivan smsed us to inform us that Chee Xiung has moved to our area....YAY!!!! Needless to say, I start borrowing all kinds of Japanese drama and songs from him lol. Hana Yori Dango sibeh nice ok! Nishikado! Nishikado! Nishikado!!!!!

Full of super rich bishies the drama. What can be better?

You know it's funny how they are all younger than us (Form4) yet we can still have lots of fun with them? I'm really glad I met them =D We share quite a lot of the same interests and can never run out of things to talk about. Seriously, hanging out just like that has never been this fun =)

Then there is my cousins again. My 2 wonderful cousins who are super fun to go shopping with.....whom we've only started to become super close to the past few months.....

Why why why must ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END??? WHY???!! T___T

I know I would miss them dreadfully. If I were to ever actually cry when I leave it would be because of this 3 group of people. People who have since become very precious friends. I wished I've met them earlier.

Life isn't always fair isn't it? Just when you finally find new friends, you find that you have to part all too soon. *sigh*

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