Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year! Not.

Monday, December 31, 2007

I was all set to happily write a 'What I did in 2007 and my hopes for 2008' like all bloggers are doing but I've totally lost all enthusiasm because of the following incident....

Am in a very crappy mood cause in the midst of my happiness BBQ-ing with friends, I had to back into a pillar at the very last minute last night.

With my car I mean. Not me crashing into a pillar.

Needless to say, my parents are very mad at me now and am thus stripped of my driving rights. I am forced to listen to my mother's endless "how are we going to sell the car now? You just dropped the value by 5000. This is your punishment for not coming home to join us for the countdown service at church etc."

Oh for goodness sake it's just a tail light and the corner of a bumper. Plus I am very sick of all these 'it is your punishment cause you didn't attend *insert church related stuff*''.

DOES THE FACT THAT I DID ATTEND (even if it was by driving there myself) MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU???

Oh no it does not doesn't it? Because I didn't come home early from the party to follow in the same car. So whatever happens next is ALL totally my fault. It could even be raining hailstones and it still would be my fault for the fall of hailstones. The party in question was also a simple BBQ with friends from youth and not some drunken clubbing orgy.

But you know what makes me more irritated? That it is 'my supposed punishment from disobeying God or something'. EVERYTHING just have to lead to that. In what bleeping way have I disobeyed? WHAT YOU TELL ME??? I attended the service didn't I??!!! But who cares, as long something wrong happens and church is somehow involved I get a sermon equivalent of a pastor's in return.


What have that got to do with church and my spiritual life you tell me? I am getting more and more annoyed the more I talk about this. Plus this is like only the second bleeping time I hit something with the first being just a minor hairbreadth of a scratch by the school gates. I am driving an Unser again unlike my friends who drive cute little cars and yet still manage to ram into stuff for more than 5 times.

But that is not the point. The point is why can't I get the same normal scolding like my friends' instead of a full-blown sermon. Am very irritated here. My mother is impossible. Every single thing would always lead to some spiritual talk. She should just go join a seminary. I really cannot sta--

In fact, I am so very very irritated now that I shall just end this post here right now.

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