Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bye Bye Freedom, It Was Fun While It Lasted

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Parents would be back tonight. The house is still in perfect condition. Everything EXACTLY like how it was before they left. Ok, maybe with an added layer of dust hahaha. Shall chiong with the dusting and sweeping after I'm done with this post.

Anyway, I don't feel like doing a blow-by-blow account of what I did the past days so I shall do it in the form of a tag (by Abi) about '8 random facts about me' except mine shall be '5 random facts about me for the past 3 days':

1. I'm addicted to hair salons.

I love my after-salon-hair

Right after I sent my parents off to the airport, we immediately hop over to the salon to get our hair treatment done. What better time to do it then when they are not around to lecture us on visiting the salon one too many times?

My eyes are just too small to perfect this pose *sigh*

Fiddling around with photoshop lashes lol

I LOVE HAIRDRESSING SALONS!!!! So nice got massage and my hair feels softer now =) Am so going back again next month.

2. I cooked.

Hell yeah! I cooked lunch and dinner all by myself! Ok, so maybe I relied heavily on tinned food but whatever la, I can still cook a decent lunch and dinner ok. Without burning my house down. I can cook rice!!! That isn't tinned food right? What?! You mean you know how to cook rice also? Shut up. *sulks*

3. I have a love/hate relationship with driving.

I spent nearly half my time on the road and it is fun driving around but is it ever so TIRING!!! I was totally drained of all energy by this morning. My daddy will so have my head when he sees the fuel gauge meter. More than half tank gone in 2 days........I have to think up a very good excuse later......

4. I baked a skull cake.

Something which I promised Abi decades ago. Finally got around to doing it cause I cannot possibly bake a SKULL cake while my parents are around without inciting 1000 questions. Haven't the foggiest idea on how to bake a vanilla cake. She didn't want chocolate thanks to Coffee Bean's Choc-A-Log cake. Stupid coffee bean hai me. I only bake chocolate cakes before which explains why my vanilla cake didn't turn out as nice as I wanted it to be. I suck at basic cakes. I can bake very elaborate cakes and flans (people say they like it le) but when it comes down to simple simple ones I ALWAYS screw up. Like cookies for example. Only a few ingredients and steps and I ended up with a kitchen full of smoke you'll think I had a hot spring in there.

4. I never cry when watching stuff that many people said made them cry.

Just finished 1 Litre of Tears yesterday and I think I only shed 3 drops of tears. It's this drama about this girl who had some disease that slowly breaks down your motor functions, leaving you an invalid who cannot even talk by the end of the day. It's based on a true story about 15 year old Aya whose diary sold millions in Japan after she died.

Everyone on the net says its the best drama ever and how it's so touching etc. but I only watched it for Ryo. Heh. NEWS mah! It is kinda boring and I shall never watch such dramas again unless a NEWS member is starring in it. I felt extremely geli when they talk about what her disease would do to her and when she fell over and cracked open her chin, my face started hurting all over and my spine felt like it had 1000 ants crawling all over it. I CANNOT BE DOCTOR LO! I even had to switched off the fan cause it was making me shiver all the more. I cannot stand the sight of blood nor hear details about gruesome accidents.

And sad as it may be I didn't cry. I never cry when people do and cry when they don't. I'm just different I guess. My idea of a sob story is like Proposal Daisakusen, Honey & Clover and the ending of BFG and FMA. Probably cause I can actually understand their pain. If I don't relate to it, I won't feel it.


I'm waiting for my Massu drama to load so I shall do another tag which I stole from Adeline cause I have nothing better to do....

Name you wished you had.

Jessica? Nicole does sound nice too le. Still got what sexy names again ar? Mercedes sounds sophisticated. Leira? Danielle? Basically anything that got 'I' or 'S' in it. I dunno why but I find those two letters extremely extremely sexy for some reason =P

Do people normally mistaken your name?

HA! For some weird incomprehensible reason, people are always calling me Nasha by mistake and her Hannah. I simply cannot understand why. In what way does it even sound the same??? Be it teachers or friends, they are bound to get us mixed up after a period of time. FOR SURE. Abi is the latest person to mix our names up lol.

Your birthday.

18 December. I LOVE my date of birth =D 18. So sexy. Doesn't 18 sound sexy? It even looks sexy. Sexy sexy number!!! And December brings to mind a gorgeous winter scenery. So ethereal....

Please don't mind my silly rants =P


Hawaii. Not as sexy as Paris but nevertheless still exotic sounding. Omg, something is wrong with me. I keep finding everything sexy. Turning 18 is doing me no good at all....

18....gosh, I SO LOVE THIS NUMBER!!! I can type it forever.....18 18 18 18 18....


Time of birth:


Just kidding. Have no idea though. But it MIGHT be. You never know....

Questions about the opposite gender.

What color eyes?

Brown or black.

What color hair?

Who cares as long he looks hot? But if you mean natural hair color, then black or dark brown. Dark colors are soooooooo sexy.

Yes, you should know by now that I'm extremely biased every since I discover NEWS and totally find only Asian guys hot for the time being. Sayonara Jesse McCartney~ Oh and I hate Troy from HSM. Where got hot???

Shy or outgoing?

Outgoing. I love the outdoors and any activities like mountain climbing la, scuba diving la, visiting ruins la so outgoing he shall be.

Looks or personality?

Both. Asking someone to choose between both is like asking them to choose between eating or drinking. Impossible ok? You need both.

Sexy or cute?

Ahem. I know you think you bet you know what I'm thinking......

CUTE! Ha! Bet you thought I was going to say sexy.... I think sexy guys are hot but I just don't feel attracted to them. Like Ryo is sexy and so is Kame. But I don't like them as much as I like Massu, Tegoshi, Shige and Yamapi.

Massu damn cute ok!!!!

Cute right???? Isn't he just perfect? You see that smile? *melts*

Omg, I heart cute guys.

With smiley eyes.

Serious or Fun?

Fun. But know how to be serious when it comes to serious stuff. I don't want a joker for a bf. I can find them by the dozens in playing cards.

Older or younger than you?

Preferably older. But seriously, who really cares? As long he does not look like your baby brother is enough already.

A turn-on:

You know NEWS?

Yea, like them. Total turn on XP

Fine, I would go into details....You know suits like the one NEWS wore in their Weeeek PV? Yeah, guys in suits are super damn hot. No uniforms. I HATE uniforms.

Have you seen Massu and Tegoshi's smile? Yea, smiles like that I like. Can melt.

Sexy lips like Yamapi's.

When they start babbling nervously when they take you out to try to break the silence. Haiyar, so hard to explain....go watch that Shige drama 'Papa to Musume no Nanokakan' where he looks so innocent and nervous on his date with the girl. Omg, I like him on the spot.

If they can cook it would be lovely. I mean they as in the guys and not NEWS. Massu can cook though.....


I'm starting to have unrealistic expectations.

A turn off:

Over muscular guys. I hate those types. Neh, the ones you always see on posters on the gym. Damn ugly. Just toned like Yama--- I mean *try to think of someone other than NEWS* urm..ah..let's see....oh dammit, I cannot think of anyone else at the moment so Yamapi it shall be.

Oh oh I know!!! You know the perfect body I like? You see those guy mannequins in stores like Padini and G2000? Yeah! Like that! That is the perfect chun chun ho toned body. Well excuse me, but it is hot ok even if it's a mannequin. Guys who looks good in clothes like Padini types are hot by default.

Padini kind of style (My FAV style for guys)

This or That.

Flowers or Chocolates?

Chocolates. I don't even have a fav. flower. I tried to think of one so if my boyfriend were to ever ask me what flower I like I would be able to answer immediately but until now I still cannot decide on one. I guess I don't really have an affinity for flowers. I mean I love a garden full of flowers but there isn't a single particular type I actually love above all.

Pepsi or Coke?


Rap or Rock?

Rock. Linkin Park! Nickelback! Blink 182!

Relationship or One Night Stand?

This question......Of course I would say relationship but sometimes hor, I cannot help but wonder.......sometimes you just don't want relationships la hor with certain like them but not in the long term know....

tmd. I really think 18 is a damn dangerous age to be.

Seriously. But I won't be doing any one night stands la lol. Cause it goes against my moral values. Thank goodness for moral values is all I can say.

School or work?

School. Because you get holidays.

Love or money?

Remember those 'love or money' shows? I would choose money if it were me. Then again it's probably cause I never like the guy they chose as the bachelor. If you put Tegoshi there of course I would forfeit the money lu. But it still wouldn't be love either wouldn't it?

So I'll be honest and say money for the time being cause I have yet to find someone I truly like to give everything up for.

Movie or music?


Country or city?

Country. When I am damn rich, I would buy a beach front house. I prefer the quietness of nature.

Sunny or rainy days?

Rainy days. But this ONLY applies when I am at HOME during the time it rains. When it rains, there is this sweet silence in the roaring of the rain. You feel cut off from the busy world. Everything feels surreal. Curling up on the sofa with a mug of hot milo and a book on a cold day. Ah~ I think I really am more of the country sort of girl. I like big cities and it's glamor but deep in my heart I still prefer a pretty cottage with a huge lawn in the quiet countryside.

Friends or Family?

Family. Not to say I don't value my friends as much but the bond between me and my family is stronger.

Have you ever lied, steal or smoke?

Lie? Who never? Steal and smoke, no. I HATE cigarettes. I really do. Oh I know one more thing I can add to my turn-off list. Smokers.

Wonder what was wrong with you?

Not really. Only when someone looks at me strangely la then I start to frantically comb my mind about what I did in the past few minutes to incite such strange looks lol. But if I cannot think of what I did wrong then I'll just shrug it off and write off said person as weird =P

Wish you were a princess?

Heiress yes. Princess no. Don't question me about my blog name. I don't know what I was thinking of that time.

Since the rest of the questions are blah and the fact that my Massu drama is done already, I shall stop here. Omg, MASSU CHO KAWAII!!!! What is wrong with that Kaname? Choosing that basketball player over him. Stupid girl. Who in their right mind would turn Massu down? The basketball player is the gay guy in HanaKimi in case you're wondering.

I totally don't get Yamapi's drama 'Kurosagi' aka 'The Black Swindler' at all so if you do please explain it to me. It all involves bank stuff and finance leaving me clueless as to what is going on. Basically all I can do now is just admire his perfect symmetrical face. Have to wait until daddy gets back so he can explain it to me. To think I'm planning on taking up accounting again.....omg, I better start reading all those finance mags.

Anyway, shall resume my Massu drama now~

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