Sunday, January 13, 2008


Sunday, January 13, 2008

I simply cannot stand wrong English pronunciations from people here anymore. I mean one or twice is forgivable but the fourth and fifth time even after people has repeatedly corrected you? Just how long do you plan on sounding silly? And don't they ever check the dictionary?

For example, Boulevard. It's pronounced as Boo-le-vard with the 'ard' sounding like the 'ard' in 'yard'. Not Bowl-lee-verd. I mean get it straight la since it'll be on your tongue for quite a while. Plus I seriously don't understand why people chose 'Boulevard' as the name for our shopping mall. In Western countries, boulevard is a term for 'a wide city street or main road'. So why are we calling our malls after street terms?

I mean how weird would it be if we were to go to other countries to find that their malls are called 'Lorong'?

Moving's Dee-VORCE!!!! NOT DIE-VORCE OK??!! (divorce) Sound like suicide pact like that. They went through a 'die-vorce'.... I really CANNOT STAND it when people keep getting it wrong even until today. TODAY!!! The era of internet and Astro and Desperate Housewives can?!?! I bet DH got mention divorce many times one, not that I ever watch it though. I cannot help but cringe when I hear people going 'die-vorce' repeatedly even after people has corrected them.

You DI-vide NOT DIE-vide. So naturally you 'DI-vorce'.

And recently 'cafe', which by some weird means was pronounced as 'cave' by my classmates -_- It took me a good 10 minutes to finally realized that they were talking about cafes and not caves. "Kuching got a lot of 'caves' that serve good Western food", "More and more new 'caves' are opening at Padungan" while waving a coupon book making me wonder what kind of CAVES need FOOD COUPONS. It's 'ka-fay' or something to that effect ok.

The pronunciations aren't copied from the dictionary. It's just how I think it sounds like after hearing my cd dictionary as I'm too lazy to dig out my dictionary now. I'm trying to list the pronunciations out to as chun as I can.

By the way, raisin is pronounced as Ray-ZIHN ok?! Or Ray-Zhen if you're too Chinese speaking to know how to pronounce 'zihn'. You know, kind of like the word 'poison' but with a 'h'. Yours truly was born and raised partially in the US of A hor. Stop arguing with me. It's not ray-SIN. I even took the liberty of checking up the Oxford dictionary to see if there is a British pronunciation but there isn't.

So where does this ray-SIN come from????

Then there is Adam. Or Ah-Dumb like how some people call it. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Ah-Dumb!!! I seriously die laughing inside every time someone mispronounced it during church. Ah-dumb and Eve....

I can go on and on but seriously, Ah-Dumb just take the cake doesn't it? So I shall stop here.



copa said...

it's actually boo-LEUH-vard, and not boo-LEE-vard. but it's alright, because everyone seems to get it wrong.


copa said...

oh, and café is ka-fay. you might want to look it up as well. it's french see, so perhaps we should pronounce it the way the french might, but you could argue that we're malaysian blah blah blah. but then i'm just nit picking.

i think ppl should stop being a smartypants. hmm, maybe i should stop being one too.

copa said...

i once heard some pronounced boulevard - bulu lebat. OMG!

i think he was just being funny, i don't know.

Hana said...

lol sorry abt the words i chose. I do know how to pronounce thm but i just dunno how to write the pronunciations out properly lol. Thx for givin me the rite one. Now I can write it correctly hehe.

I like ur written versions better. more zhun thn mine.

bulu lebat...ROFL....omg, thts even worse hahaha

Creax Clay said...

i tk 'bout 2 minute 2 stop laughin 4 d "good" pronunciation of BULU LEBAT..