Thursday, January 17, 2008

So Much For Being Smart

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Due to the lack of English subbed NEWS and Tegomass videos, I decided to find Chinese subbed ones. After all, why not? Since Taiwan is full of insane fangirls I'm sure they must have subbed every single video of theirs.

So I click Baidu.

And immediately felt sian when confronted with a pageful of Chinese words. Nevertheless, must persevere!!! After all I am Chinese! I can read!

5 minutes later....Ok very sian I can read and understand each word but have no idea what it means as a sentence. So being the 'smart' girl I am I remember that 'there is such thing as Babelfish'

Happily typed the url in and click 'translate'. Ha! Byebye you Chinese words you =D

Only to be faced with super weird sentences such as 'The hand more increases the field videos the frequency' and 'How downloading the hand more increases the field the songs' and 'The hand more increases the field Taiwan meeting situation'

What the hell?!?!?!

What in the name of Babelfish is 'the hand more increases the field'??? *scrolls up and down site* Is this an entertainment site or an agricultural site huh? Who bloody cares about increasing fields??? What fields?!! Where are my Tegomass videos?! *thoroughly annoyed* Taiwan people are insane I tell you. Videotaping field growing frequencies and what not.......

Then suddenly I remember....................Tegomass in Chinese is 手越增田.


Apparently, Babelfish is EXACTLY like me. Can direct translate word for word but not into an understandable sentence.

Rats. I guess there really isn't any shortcuts to learning Chinese. Bah.

*digs out Chinese dictionary*

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Fil said...

Did you try this dictionary?