Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wish Me.....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY liao!!!!! My birthday today ok! *waits for well-wishes to come pouring in* Thanks to everyone who messaged me to wish me a happy birthday! I'm finally 18! I'm finally 18! FINALLY 18!!!! lalalala~

2nd sis: So what? What NEW things can you do by turning 18?

Yeah hor.....what new things can I do? 17 already can drive. Marry still need 21. I believe the legal drinking age is not 18 either but even if it was I couldn't care less. 18 very nothing one leh.

OH I KNOW!!!! 18 can sign contracts!!! See! I got learn something in F6 Pengajian Perniagaan. Oh, I can now click those 'enter if you agree you're above 18' buttons found on sites too.

Went shopping with my 2 fav. cousins and 2nd sis yesterday. Shopped for 7 hours straight at various malls and congratulate me now cause I know how to get to Crown Square now *beams* Few more shopping trips again and I can memorize Kuching roads till gao gao one. Another reason on why shopping is such a productive hobby.

Discover that Kenyalang is a shopping haven for cheap stuff. I thought there can buy drama only. Who knew can also buy fake cellphone covers, fake earphones, fake books, fake this and that. But I didn't buy my fake nokia cover cause my sister forbid me saying it looks cheap (seriously. got difference meh?) and I also cannot buy fake dramas cause the subtitles are all in chinese and malay. SO MEAN! My chinese is quite good but not fast enough to process chinese subs and watching BM subs would just kill the entire drama.

Kenyalang must also be ah lians shopping haven cause they have all this cute cellphone accessories at ridiculously cheap prices cause those real stone crystals one cost around RM1000 plus from what I've heard. Sadly all the real pretty ones are custom made for flip phones. No wonder ah lians always buy flip phones. Now I know.

Cute ne?!

It's a piano-cello earrings and this sparkly hair tie thingy. Goodness knows I have more than enough earrings but this one is so cute I just cannot resist from buying it. Bought it at Crown Square. Lots of lovely stuff!

Went for lunch at Hong Kong Bay something at Crown Square. The atmosphere very nice la I have to say.

Me pineapple sprite vanilla ice-cream drink

2nd sis trying to steal my drink before I slap her away

Thai Salad. Sourish and Spicy! My fav. taste =)

One of my fav. cousin. The other deleted her pic =(

Chicken BALL!

Yes, you've heard me. CHICKEN BALL!!! LOL some name. Tastes weird so who knows it really might be chicken balls. Hopefully it wasn't. I believe balls should be round right?

Had dinner with my uncle and aunty at Lee Garden. Omg, I LOVE the food!!! Peking duck and individual cheese baked crabs and slabs of roast pork etc. I didn't take pictures though cause it won't be polite to do so. I tell you I so love my cousin now cause she promise to buy me a present in HK! And also NEWS stuff if got! How to not love her?! =D

Shall go edit the Borneo Highlands pictures now cause later I'll probably be going out with my friends. Going out tomorrow again with another group of friends for movie. Heard that the Akiyame members wanna have a meet-up this Friday too? Then there is the Christmas parade again where I'll dress as an angel. What?! I AM ANGELIC OK?! So many events!!!! Cannot procrastinate in blogging anymore cause it'll only get piled up with other events thus giving me a headache in the end. Well, at least you people would have something new to read every time you come.....

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