Thursday, December 20, 2007

Secret Gardens & Borneo Highlands

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Celebrated my actual birthday with Sha and 2nd sis at Secret Garden. Just a simple dinner between us three cause I like it that way. Quiet and can talk. Too many people isn't all that nice at times.

Ceasar Salad

Me: What should I order? Ceasar Salad or Chef Salad?

2nd sis: Which one is cheaper?

Me: Ceasar Salad.

2nd sis: Really? Ceasar must be a really cheap king then....

-_- My sister can be so random at times......

Oat-bread (something like that) fish

Absolutely fan-freakin-tastic!!!!! Huge and delicious!!! Did I mention that the salad was out-of-this-world too?! I so LOVE their food!!!! Totally worth every cent I'm paying =) 2nd sis wasn't too happy about her spaghetti though cause of it's meager portion compared to our fish and it's only cheaper by a dollar (RM11 I think)

2nd sis first reaction to her spaghetti:

"This little? Wow, is the bowl like really expensive then?"

Hahaha. Queen of sarcastic comments.....

Vanilla lover something sundae

To heck with my diet. It's MY birthday, one ice-cream won't kill. I seriously suck at remembering names. Such delicious food yet I cannot remember the names. I need to find a way to cure this weakness of mine before it leads to the destruction of my future career.

Pretty frosted bells


Watched Alvin and the Chipmunks with 2nd sis and friends on Wednesday. Seriously, on Wednesdays you get to see like nearly the entire Kuching youth population at Star. Saw many friends there too.

You know what I want this Christmas???


So cute ok! Just LOOK at them! The CUTENESS!!!! I so wanna squish them tightly for being so adorable. I so totally love them after this movie! I want a furry cute chipmunk that can talk and dance like them =D Nice movie. Worth a watch.


Ok, now to the Borneo Highlands post. Such a gorgeous place for snapping pictures =)

This is obviously not the main entrance of Borneo Highlands. I forgot to snap a pic of the main entrance. Oh well. Btw, I didn't see any billboards of Iggy unless it's located at the clubhouse which I didn't bother visiting as it was so far away and I was lazy to walk.

Where I stayed

Pretty no? Up here is where all the rich people build their vacation houses. Some are beautiful while some are what-were-they-thinking lol. My aunty said if you want find rich boyfriends you can go there la although every time I come here the rest of the houses are always vacant. There goes the 'Ouran bishies' dream.

Side view


Am lazy to type much so I'll just put up pics I snapped during the time I was imagining myself as a pro photographer.

Patio. My favorite place. Completely relaxing.

Little pondok behind the house

I LOVE this shot. Why? Cause it looks like what a PRO photographer would take. Right? I don't know why they always like to take macro shots but nevertheless so can I. Take beautiful macro shots I mean. With my tiny digicam again! This just confirms that I have some amount of artistic blood in me no?

I am such a wonderful photographer *sigh*

Real grape vines at back of house. This is the highlands remember?

Ok this one is somebody else's house liao. I took a pic of it cause it's lovely. Like beach front house lidat! Only it's oddly built up here on a mountain instead. If I ever strike gold with my kaya balls plan in US next time, I am SO GETTING a beach house like this in Malibu. Wherever Malibu is. Is it in California? I forgot liao. Anyway, the point is I want a beach house in the future that looks something like this.

Gorgeous ok?!?! Like Full House one!

Dead horn beetle


That would make it the 3rd BBQ in one week. Omg, I cannot stand BBQ anymore. My family always have this insane urge to hold a BBQ every holiday we get ever since we moved to my current house now. I'm sorry, did I whine about this issue in my last post already? Well,you just have to listen to it one more time then. If you ever want to find my house during the holidays, just follow the smoke in my area. I assure you that 95% of the time you would hit the jackpot.

HUGE slabs of beef

PRO BBQuer thanks to our BBQ craze

Another rich guy's house. His house wasn't all that great until you go to the bottom and OMG FREAKIN GORGEOUS!!!! There is like this underground conclave and stuff completed with ponds and a stage and a BBQ area and a shower deck and a sunbathing deck and hell, he even had those Kenny Rogers rotating chicken roasting oven thingy too!!!! Omg, does he have a son? I want to date him hahaha.

The underground conclave (part of it) I was talking about

The resort swimming pool

Ha! Damai and Santubong only have standard concrete pools. Here you have a man-made rock pool! How cool is that? The water is absolutely freezing though. Like ice. But you'll get used to it after a while provided you're comfortable with yourselves sporting goosebumps and purple nails.

Am scrolling through the massive amounts of photos my family took and discover that everyone has myriads of model-like shots taken up here except me. Apparently, they took it during this one morning where I decided to sleep in late after chatting to my cousins until 4am about NEWS and other stars. Meanies. I also want my share of cam-whoring!!!! Especially in such a model-like scenery like this.

The only pic I have

I should have taken more darn it. Shall not sleep in late anymore the next time I'm in places like these. Grrrr..... The satt satt spa wasn't functioning as the hotel was under construction. Too bad. I could have taken more pics. It's really lovely with all their various pools and sauna.


Kawaii ne? My youngest sister lugs this bear with her everywhere and I do mean everywhere she goes. Reminds me of chibi Gaara and his dodongo in Naruto. Anyway, she even brought it all the way up here and personally took many shots of her beloved teddy bear. That was taken by her.

My cousins

I swear I totally LOVE my cousins to bits. Especially the two girls in front. MOST especially the pink shirt one who suddenly became incredibly obsessed about Yamapi after hearing his voice and spent the rest of the day listening to his singing on my sister's cellphone. I totally forgive her for saying Japanese singers suck before. Hee~

There is one of my cousin though who I don't really like who thinks he is the king of the world. Expects everyone is born to serve him. Like during dinner he would just sit there and expect food to drop from the sky onto his plate lidat. Even when people already super kind put a prawn in front of his bbq plate he won't even bother to flip it to let it cook on the other side. Nor would he help with any cleaning up. wth I dislike spoiled people like these. Like not even your house again hor so can act cordially or not?!

Being the ultra mean level-headed sisters we are, we purposely snatch all our cooked prawns to one side giving death glares should he dare steal ours. Actually we are very generous la hor and I seriously couldn't care who eats my prawn but like hell I would give in to spoiled people. What? Spoil you further meh? Personally I couldn't care less if you are spoiled but if your 'spoiltness' affects me then I would care. I don't care if your parents think of you as their little prince, like so what, my daddy thinks of me as his little princess daughter also so there!

Kuma-chan again!

Spent my whole stay here eating, talking, watching Shige's drama thus getting my cousin hooked on Shige too and spend the rest of the other odd hours eating again. At this rate it's a miracle if I could ever become thin again.

Going out with the girls from Akiyame tomorrow. I mean later in the afternoon seeing as it's like 2.09 am now. Am getting lazier and lazier to faithfully blog lol. Shall go to sleep now.

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