Sunday, December 16, 2007

Joint Birthday Party

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Am back from Borneo Highlands. Such a lovely and relaxing place =D Went there with my 2 favorite cousins too and had a blast. They'll be going to Hong Kong tomorrow. How come no one told me about this trip?!!! I also want to go Hong Kong ok!!! We used to go traveling together nearly every year and almost all trips consists of us 3 families so I am disappointed that we're not joining them this time.

Asked around and discover that my parents turned down this trip to settle everything to prepare for our next year's move to LA. But I want to go to Hong Kong! HK got what ah besides Jackie Chan cause every time people say HK he pops into my mind and I don't even like Jackie Chan. Nevertheless, even if I don't know squat about HK I still love traveling with my cousins! Am sad =(

Anyway, shall blog about Borneo Highlands later. I even brought my laptop up there to edit all these birthday pictures so I can post it up as soon as I got home. As you know, I decided to combine my birthday with my sister this year (my real b'day is on the 18th which is tomorrow) cause I was a lil lazy to host 2 parties in a row I am such a thoughtful daughter so I had to cut down my guests list. Real sorry about that.

Unlike last year where I had Fook Xing to cater for my party, this year we decided to just do a simple BBQ instead for a change. Let me tell you one thing: JUST GET A CATERER if your number of guests are over 10. We had around 40 guests that night and just imagine the amount of dishes we had to wash and stuff we had to clean. Oh for goodness sake, I regretted asking for a BBQ party after washing like the 100th plate. Funny how just 40 people can magically create a stack of dishes 3 times the amount. I WONDER WHY HOR?!?!?!

Had lagsana, fruit salad, potato salad, salad itself, brownies, burgers, hotdogs, fish, lamb, chicken and I cannot remember anymore. Didn't eat any BBQ stuff cause I just had a BBQ 2 days before. In fact my family is obsessed about BBQ and spend every single holiday we have BBQing the night away. Another few more months and we would be pro-BBQuers.

Wen Li. Changed a lot since Form 5 =) I love her eyeshadow!!!

2nd sis and her friends

Extremely ravenous people =P

Love eiChi's camera!!! Make my house look so nice here!

Yea you see those nicer sharper pics? Those are hers thanks to her magnificent SLR camera. I've re-edited them again to take away the annoying yellowness though. Out of the 100 over lights in my house, only 2 are white and is located at the bathroom mirror upstairs so we can apply makeup properly without ending up looking like a clown. You know yellow lights la, always soften everything and if you try applying makeup under one, I swear you would end up a clown like I did last time. Horrible lesson it was and I am still trying to forget the whole embarrassing incident at glaringly white-lighted McD. Yellow lights makes your skin looks flawless though =D

It was supposed to be a Hana-WenLi pic but thanks to Abi the pro-camwhore it's now ABI pic lol. She cannot resist a camera. CANNOT I repeat =)


~Best Friends Forever~

My Twin

I did not reveal your face here. Aren't I just angelic??? You know how hard I fought against my inner self to not post one up just cause you forbid me too? Cause everyone knows that forbidden stuff are just the more tempting =P I cannot believe I can meet a soul mate with so many of the same interests as I've always read in books but never believed till I met you this year. Chatting with you is extremely fun! The things I cannot talk to Sha with I can talk with to you. Meeting a friend like you is a real blessing =) Thanks again for the DVD, I bet you'll steal Tegoshi for me if it was possible lol.

Beloved 2nd sis and me

Hard to believe just 4 years ago you were the most pesky sister I ever had lol

You're so special to me now =)

Halfway through the party, my talented friends decided to create a band. They are so talented they make me jealous cause they are able to make full use of all my musical instruments unlike me. Btw, anyone want to buy my drum, piano, 2 violins and 2 guitars? Cause I'm pretty sure it'll spoil if I just leave it here for the next 3 years un-touched. Drop me a message or something.

I want 'Give My Love' Sha. Ahem.

Need I say more?

I am genius cause I manage to save this would-be-obscene pic by erasing Matt's finger. You cannot even tell can you? *beams* Yes Matt, I don't know if you realize exactly what finger you were using to point to Iggy but there goes your finger......sorry XP

Half of my friends left before I could serve the cake due to curfew hours (but seriously....NINE O'CLOCK?! Abi?) Silly cake making people misspelled my name as "Hanniah" and I had to dig the offending 'I' out. Photoshopped the cake so you cannot see the gap between the 'n' and 'a' anymore.

That's not the only mistake they made. Our birthday cake looks like a wedding cake for goodness sake!!! I don't care if it's such a lovely shade of pink it still looks like I'm getting married to 2nd sis what the heck. Does it not look like a wedding cake of sorts to you?? Huh?!

Forgot what was so funny liao

Blowing out the candles

Me laughing insanely at the back cause the candles burnt so quickly that we were left with puddles of candle wax in the end. Our friends had to fast forward their singing midway just to ensure we are able to blow the candles out in time before it burn the entire cake.


And that's the end of the photos. Gonna drive my cousins out to go drama-shopping and maybe to catch a movie later too. Ha, we got those self-proclaimed Japanese-singers haters to adore NEWS all under 15 minutes lol. They tried to make us like TVXQ instead but ended up liking NEWS in the end and spent the rest of the trip watching NEWS videos on repeat. Never underestimate the influence of obsessed fangirls lol. Am off to brainwash them with more NEWS muahahaha pick them up XD

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