Thursday, December 13, 2007

Will Be Away Again

Thursday, December 13, 2007

This time at Borneo Highlands for 2 days. Sorry la, I know I'm like way overdue on the camp photos already plus I have yet to edit the birthday pictures. Shall collect it from eiChi now. Shall try to get it up by tonight before I leave if possible.

Finished 'My Boss My Hero' with all my sis and mom yesterday night. Not very happy cause when 3rd and 4th sis first saw Tegoshi last time they went "Is that a guy or a girl? Looks like girl" to which I objected in annoyance and wrote them off as 'people who cannot see properly' until yesterday where daddy and mom first saw Tegoshi and they too were all "Is that a girl? Who is she" and when I vehemently said NO they were "But he looks like girl. Tch. Completely not good-looking one" and as if I not insulted enough already my mom had to add more oil to the fire by going "You like him? Please lar Hannah, don't tell me you'll choose a boyfriend like him next time. So no taste one. Tolong la you."



Don't want talk to my mom liao. She prefers guys like Yamapi and Toma. Don't want talk to her about guys anymore. Her standards are impossible. Be her superstar also super difficult ok XP

Group pic as I cannot choose between any anymore

Anyway, will be back after 2 days. Shall try to spot the huge billboard of Iggy who said he pose as the advertisement for Borneo Highlands which I missed during my previous 2 stays there. Seriously don't really believe him. Anyway, kinda like my life now. Filled with interesting events one after another to keep me from being bored. Truly blessed =D

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