Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thank You So Much!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Had a great time yesterday =D Ah, hosting is REALLY tiring!!! I was completely drained of energy by 12am. I'm sorry if I didn't really talk to some of you. Didn't even eat as I was worried some of you might feel left out or something so I tried my best to go around talking to everyone. Sorry if you still felt alone, I will try harder the next time to be a better host ne? Anyway, pics of the party to be up later when I finish collecting them from friends. Wanna cry cause I just discover that I've accidentally set my camera settings to '600x480' and now all the pics are small!!!! *wails*

Shall post up pictures of all the presents I've receive so I can thank everyone here in case they didn't receive my previous 'thank yous' hehe. I love you all already for trying your hardest to make it to my party like Ammy, Sha, Yunyew, Wins, Sam and Ken etc. either by fighting with your bitchy colleague to get the day off (lol), skipping the 2nd half of some event, rushing from tuition etc. and to think you all still could make my day again by giving superb presents =D =D =D AM HAPPY!!!!


I actually got TEGOSHI for my birthday ok?!!!!! Of course not the real Tegoshi la, if yes I would now be Tegoshi Hannah instead of Sim liao la hor and would currently be in Japan or Hawaii frolicking on a beach (lol) but what I got was pretty awesome if I might say so seeing as I never hoped to receive a single Tegoshi stuff for this is Kuching and finding any Japanese stuff is near nil.

eiChi's gift to me which I've tore open the wrapping before I could take a nice pic thus leaving the envelope only. I was sibeh curious and wanted to tear hers open on the spot cause I couldn't help but wonder what could possibly be so thin but managed to wait until she leave before doing so (lol) as my mummy taught me since young it's not polite to open your gifts in front of them (lol).

Just look at what the insanely talented genius gave me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*totally speechless* I'll have you know that I only got like a 0.7 second glimpse of him before it was wrenched out from my hands by my 3 equally insane sisters!!!! My sisters VERY ANNOYING hor cause the minute they knew I was opening eiChi's present they all swarmed me like bees and as soon as I got the drawing out *poof* it was gone until I had to scream and yell for goodness knows how long till they gam-guan return it to me! *insulted* I'm supposed to have like the honor of admiring the drawing FIRST DO I NOT?! Even if it weren't MY present, I am STILL your ELDEST SIS hor!!! What happened to 'Da Jie Da' huh?!

The original picture

Very alike liao hor! eiChi!!!! Hand-drawn Tegoshi in time for my birthday!!! *cries* So happy!!! You should have signed your name down there.....If I see you again I shall ask you to sign it =) 2nd sis was jealous of it and went 'This is my FAVORITE present of all and it's NOT even mine' which made me even happier lol. 3rd and 4th sis kept on yapping about it too. You are genius eiChi!

I was so totally excited about the drawing and was staring at it in a stupor and totally missed the 2nd half of her pink note to me until 2nd sis pointed it out: '& the pictures of Tegoshi...' till I snapped out of my reverie long enough to go 'WHAT PICTURES??" before 2nd sis wrenched the plastic-wrapped drawing out of my hands again (!!!) to open it.


Pp-pp-pos-sstt-terrrr!!!! TEGOSHI POSTER!!! I noticed that I keep ending all my sentences in exclamation marks but I can't help it. I actually got something I've wished for but never mentioned to anyone except 2nd sis thinking it'll be impossible to get one. The picture eiChi chose damn hot again. All wet with water droplets dripping from his hair *lascivious thoughts* THANK YOU EICHI!

Am already on Tegoshi-high liao and my twin went to turn my brain into mush by giving me My Boss My Hero!!! Tegoshi drama! lalala~ You made all 4 of us sisters super happy you know or not ar Ammy? *HUGS* Cause my internet line cacated and won't download episode 5 so we were stuck at episode 4 for weeks. Now I got the DVD! Tegoshi gets cuter and cuter in each episode =) Thank you so much my dear twin =D For spending a fraction of your hard earned kaya balls money on me even when I asked you not to. Many thanks to Abi also for chipping in to get this for me! Heart you both lots and lots!

Thanks to Ivan, Levin and Shu Kai for the K cd. Initially I thought it was Jay cause he looks uncannily like Jay and was wondering when did Jay had another new album I didn't hear of lol. I don't really know K (J-singer) but I've listened to it last night and the album is quite nice. Soothing =) Lotsa thanks!~

Yun Yew and Wins present

Yun Yew kept harping about it the whole night asking me to open it so I did haha and it took forever cause he won't allow me to rip it open saying it's expensive (lol) He sounded like he was afraid I won't like it or something. Silly guy, you know I'll love whatever my friends give me right?

Their present turned out to be this completely pinkilicious box of body spa set! LOVE IT! Note the bold lettering above. Now I can 'BE DELICIOUS'! I can afford to smell like strawberries and stuff liao as seen in books. Nyah-ah! Shall use it everyday instead of special occasion only cause I don't think I can bring it to the States in light of the new 'no liquid' rule. Darn.

Cute teddy bear courtesy of Wen Li aka sexy mama! She must have read my "Princess Hours" post to know I adore teddy bears. I'm not a soft-toy girl but bears and doggies are simply irresistible ok. My room is full of them. Thanks Wen Li!! Pink shawl from Faye with a message 'in case it gets cold in the states' which is so true for California as the nights are freezing. It's in the exact right shade of pink - BABY PINK! Thanks for such a meaningful gift =)

Necklace from aunty and angpows shown are also from them. XIE XIE!!! Oh must also mentioned that one of the ang pows was given by Lian Shen lol. Thanks for both that and the wishes ne =)

Gorgeous sparkly earring from 3rd and 4th sis

Didn't expect a gift from them. Totally touched *tears* Love you both!!! 2nd sis promised to buy me a pair of heels some other day cause she couldn't find one on Tuesday lol. Oh, I discover a present box on my coffee table today. Have no idea who it's from nor who it's for (me or 2nd sis?) 2nd sis ripped it open to find a box of muesli bars. Split it among the whole family. Thank you whoever you are! It's delicious. I'm guessing it might be from Matt seeing as it's a NZ product but I'm not sure.

Didn't know that it was for me until the night was over (lol) It was lying open on a table and my first thought was 'what the...I thought I said NO condoms already....just who would dare gi--' then upon closer inspection realized it was a balloon *sheepish grin* Didn't get the message until I flipped to the front....


Damn cute! Where do my friends get cute cards like these?? I love it to bits. Made me laugh =) Ok ok ok I am getting very loso for what was originally supposed to be a short post of thanks. Once again, thank you everyone for coming and making this joint party a smashing one and thank you for the equally smashing gifts!!

Lotsa love!!!!

Hannah xoxoxoxoxo

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