Monday, December 10, 2007

What I Really Want For My 18th Birthday Is

Monday, December 10, 2007

1. Marry Meet Tegoshi

2. Suddenly become a walking Chinese dictionary

3. Magically transform into swimsuit model

4. Silver convertible drop down from sky onto my lawn

See? Only four things. I am so NOT demanding am I not? Are you birthday fairies out there listening to me or not? Still too many meh? Then just get me the one below....

During the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards

How cute can one get again??

Never knew they invited Tegomass to sing!!!! Tegomass is a duo comprising of both Tegoshi and Massu from NEWS and they are the best singing duo in perfect harmony since Savage Garden. I damn regret I flipped channels immediately when I saw this awards show during CNY if I'm not mistaken cause I never liked any Chinese singers (except Jay) especially Jolin whom I seriously dislike.

Anyway, since this would be my 18th birthday I think I better tell you guys what I DON'T want beforehand knowing just what I could end up with if I do not make things clear first.

1. NO condoms.

I swear I mean it. I've many friends around me who got this as their presents and I am not keen on receiving a box of them on my birthday too. Oi serious la. Plus I am super guai (ahem. REALLY!!!!) so I would have no use for those box of condoms and it would most probably end up in the dustbins like my friends'. Unless you're planning to give me Tegoshi together with it then............Ok that was a joke. Serious. No condoms. NOT even if it comes in cute bottles with a 'break in case of emergency' sign like what Ah Hsiang told me before.

I STILL have that 'No Apologies' abstinence pledge card in my wallet le! So you should as friends help me keep my promise instead of breaking it hor.

2. No alcohol.

I personally don't like alcohol of any kinds and think beer as one of the most tasteless drinks ever. Plus I heard that it makes you fat. Give me Ribena over red wine any given day =) And my house already have tons of unopened wines left from our housewarming party last year that we never touched and is still sitting prettily on our wine rack.

That is the two most common things I can think of. Basically ar, please just don't give me something that I cannot show my parents. I don't fancy a super long talk about 'why your friends gave you a box of condoms etc.' after the party. By the way, everyone keeps yakking about how 18 is the legal age but what I want to know is legal age for WHAT?

My mom said 21 baru legal age. So what is this 18 for then ar? I want the actual fact and not something you've heard from your friend's friend de friend and the list goes on.

Sha is getting sick of giving me Jay's CDs for like the past 4 years already lol. But Shaaa, JAY IS AWESOME and I still don't have his latest cd but anyway what I want is damn simple. I want the 'Give My Love' piano scores. I know you can write it out hor. See? I am so considerate here. You only need to spend like 20cents on a few pieces of paper for me =D If you think that is 'too little' like you put it you can always add another 20cents worth of paper to write out the piano scores for Tegoshi's 'Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song' song and I will love you to itty bitty little pieces =D

Aren't you like super happy you got such a nice best friend like me? LOL.

In case you people are wondering about all this piano scores thing, I'll have you know that I suck at playing by ear. I wanted the 'give my love' piano scores like since FOREVER. I quit piano lessons after I finished Grade 5 and 7 for both practical and theory respectively. I totally forgot why I quit already. I have a sinking feeling it's cause of PMR and I'm trying to pretend it's not because then this would be like the lamest excuse ever to quit something.

Anyway, I'm glad you all would be coming. I'm feeling very sad knowing that this would probably be the last huge gathering with all my close friends before I leave next year. I just want to have tons and tons of fun with you all while I can =)

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