Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hotpot & Balloons

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Just discovered that 'The Spring' is owned by one of our church members. How come my church people so rich one. I also want to learn their secret to riches.

Had hotpot with my family yesterday. SO FUN!!!! Like those Japanese people in those dramas and animes! Except theirs is using a kotatsu whereas we just use our plain old dining table. Eh really fun la ok. Mine is a hotpot cum BBQ set. You should also get one for your family. I bet it'll be more awesome if it snowed =)

Woke up early to join a few MYFers in decorating the church for Christmas. Our initial thought was hanging holly and wreaths all around so it came as somewhat of a shock to discover that our church's idea of Christmas decor is some HUUUUUGGGGEEEEE balloon arch like those you see at fun-fairs.

Took forever to wait for it to be filled with air. Was feeling somewhat tired as I had a chat fest with my twin yesterday night once again. Man, I heart my twin more and more each time I chat with her. It's UNCANNY to have that MANY common interests la ok. Discovered that she also like those 'tok tok' bamboo thingy you always see in Japanese ponds. Was telling Sha that the other day when I saw one at mall but she didn't get the hype.

Also discovered that she hate MCR too!!! I seriously dislike MCR. It reminds me of emo people which I despise all the more. I've met a fair share of emo people and they are forever telling me pitiful stories about how they go clubbing till 3am, take drugs, cut themselves, smoke and drink till puke like it's some heroic feat lidat. Like I even care. What do they expect me to do? Like Ammy so aptly put it: Do they actually expect me to worship their lifestyle??? Siao. Emo bands are all fakers too cause even if they are always singing about death and stuff they are in fact using the millions you gave them by partying the night away with hot girls. Emo? I think NOT.

2 hours later and the slug like balloon is still on the ground. Had a lot of fun bouncing on it =D

Almost done!!!! That is our old church by the way. The new building is behind it. You know the balloon looks more pepsi cola like instead of Christmas lol. Red, blue, white...Pepsi right?

Tadah!!! End result. For sure you people cannot miss my church one. Bet you can see it a mile away. Heard that there will be lights leading down to the gate again. I'm sure it'll be gorgeous!

Oh btw, I'm thinking of combining my birthday with my sister as it's a hassle to invite the same people the following week for my birthday lol. Mine is 18 whereas hers is 12. It's this coming Wednesday. So be sure to free up your Wednesday as I'll probably be calling some of you very soon to confirm hehe =D

Those 'Weeeek' PV shots. NEWS in suits! suits! suits! Have I told you how much I love guys in suits already?! Super sexy! Eh, Tegoshi so short meh?


Ammy you evil twin I saw your blog, Tegoshi is not gay ok! It's the stupid JE rules that forbids them to get a girlfriend or marry in order to sustain their star power which I think is silly cause what are they running anyway? A monastery? I dislike the idea of Japan's Entertainment circle where the stars are more or less treated like some sort of puppets with no freedom unlike Hollywood where you get to earn millions instead of some fixed salary. All those rules about no girlfriends only fuel yaoi fangirls to write gayish fanfics about NEWS as seen on various fansites. Eww ok? Why the toot would I want Tegoshi to be with Yamapi? As if yaoi anime pairings not enough they are now extending it over to superstars?

Sheesh. Asian fans are so weird at times.

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