Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Art & Drama

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Went shopping with 2nd sis today cause she keep demanding that I buy her a present. Aduh, so annoying ok everyday listen to her rattle her list of things I'm supposed to buy for her. Never heard of subtlety one.

Went to Techno Graphic at Saberkas to buy her those little knead-able art erasers she saw on the net and eiChi's blog. Omg, Techno Graphic damn cool ok! I see the place filled with so many art materials till I suddenly had this impulse to go sign up for some art courses just so I can buy those art materials. We were like total sakai(s) like that keep 'oooh' and 'ahh' and 'WALAO GOT AN ENTIRE EASEL SET!!!' till people think we're siao.

For illustration purposes as I was too awestruck to take pictures that time

That huge easel set would look damn chio in my music room ok! I know I cannot draw la but heck, it would give visitors to my house an aura of 'Da Vinci' or something and fool them into thinking I am some pro artist who spend her afternoons sitting by the window with sunlight streaming through while she draw some potted plants or cute furry animals.

Cannot believe those 2 puny erasers costs like 10 bucks. Sister of mine better be super grateful. Went over to 1st model to pre-order those 'sausage man' thingy people use as guide to draw humans. The things I do for my super tiu beloved sister.

Midway through shopping we were attracted to the kaya balls stand. Smell so freakin delicious till I cannot help but be drawn to it. You know what? We've decided to sell kaya balls in US liao. US no kaya right? So I would have NO competitors!!! And it smell so damn good I'm sure tons of angmohs would line up to order like 40 kaya balls each. Yes, I told my daddy that but instead of praising me for such a brilliant idea he was all 'you're supposed to STUDY there, NOT sell kaya balls!!! Can you just stop thinking of ways to make money?'

HMPH! The whole point I study at some university is so I can get a good paying job right? So if my kaya balls 'lak ku' then well, mission accomplished no? My silver convertible would come true. I know you are sick of all my silver convertibles talk but since other bloggers always talk about their dream phones or branded bags, I've decided I shall talk about cars.

Some horrendously disfigured Spongebob toy we came across. It's something like Magic 8 Ball where you ask it a question and it'll answer you.

We asked it why it was so damn fugly and it said something along the lines of 'Yes, I AM'. Died laughing playing around with it. Last time I went out with Sha, she asked the Magic 8 Ball all kinds of stupid questions that aren't very nice to repeat here (lol) and the answers were damn hilarious! I want a Magic 8 Ball!!!! So fun!

Went to Speedy and am hopping mad cause right in front of me was 'My Boss My Hero'. Want strangle the shopkeeper ok! Last time I went there I don't know why I didn't bloody see it plus they told me don't have. The cover was something totally different which probably explained why I didn't spot it before. DARN! DARN! DARN! I cannot buy anymore cause I've already downloaded like 8 episodes and only left 2 so to buy it now would be stupid.

Bought Papa to Musume no Nanokakan instead cause Shige (NEWS) is starring in it. Wanted to buy Massu's Dance Drill but decided not to until after I've wiki it. Buying dramas is fun when you have 3 sisters to fangirl together with you. 3rd and 4th sis keep pestering me to download Tegoshi's drama EVERY SINGLE DAY I kid you not till I've half a mind to call up Streamyx to scold them to fix the slow internet line so I can download it once and for all.

Haha. My primary school sisters love NEWS now!!! 2nd sis was showing Tegomass pics to them the other day and was throughly annoyed when 4th sis went "I like Tegoshi! He is so much better looking then Massu (2nd sis fav)" while 3rd sis prefers Yamapi I think. Now we have four insane NEWS fangirls in the house annoying our daddy all day long with our J-pop and J-drama hehehe.

Just came back from our aunty's 21st anniversary dinner at some fancy restaurant called 'Ye Shang Hai'. Neh the one on top of 'Lok Thian'. There is this one dish where they drown live shrimps in wine and proceed to flame them alive in a pot. So amusing to see them hopping around in desperation trying to survive.

Burnt Alive!!!!

I am so cruel =P But serious lar, just prawns ok! I don't think it have any feelings.


Lastly, us 4 sisters (finally all 4. Yay!) obsession....

~ NEWS ~

Best band ever! Love Tegoshi to bits ne =D

Kk, see ya all at the party tomorrow! =D

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