Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shige Shige Shige!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just watched the first 2 episodes of Papa to Musume no Nanokakan and SHIGE IS FREAKIN HAWT!!!!! Omg, the hotness!!! Were squealing our heads off when he came on screen. He is so gorgeous on film till we cannot even think coherently and kept missing what the rest of the characters were talking about and had to keep rewinding the dvd back.


I love his eyebrows. Makes him look cool!

Yes yes yes!!!! He is my favorite NEWS member liao! No doubt about it! He is so cute in interviews already and now he is equally hot in dramas to boot.

"But I thought your favorite is Tegoshi??!!!!"

Ah yeah..about that...can we not talk about that now....caus--

"And wasn't you the one who also declared Yamapi as your ultimate fav. when you first heard of NEWS?! HUH?!"

Ah...that was well...ehehehe....urm...but you see...I....

2nd sis: "How could I forget the time you suddenly switched to Massu too (before reverting back to Tegoshi) after watching a few of Massu's mini dramas?"

I....that time.....His smile so cute mah.....*mumbles*

"Some fan you are...."

BUT...BUT...BUT Shige is so damn hot here!!! How can you NOT like him?! How? Don't you change the topic here. I will think about the Tegoshi issue later. Let me just admire Shige at the moment. Omg, I heart Shige!!!!! RABU!!!!

Btw, since I am here.......

*Happy Sweet Sixteen*

to my dearest sister, my bestest best friend, my partner in mischief, my source of comfort, my little pro artist, my everything......

I LOVE YOU and God Bless Always!!! =D

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