Monday, December 24, 2007

Akiyame & Parades

Monday, December 24, 2007

An update on my happenings in the past few days. Gosh, keeping a blog is as tedious as a diary. Even worse cause there are pictures. Went out with the girls in Akiyame and 2nd sis and our friend Levin -who is super tall he makes me feel so damn short and I am like 172cm already- for a shopping-eating-movie session. Oh btw, the blur pics aren't mine but from others. I AM 'pro' ok and blurness does not exist in my pictures XP

Yes. I DROVE. Everyone survived so I think I am getting better =D

Not that no one didn't survive the last time I drove.

Yen aka Yume

Went for a haircut before the meet-up and my hair is so totally thin now. I wonder if my hairdresser knew what she was doing =( You won't find any pics of me cause I dislike taking pictures every since my hair got ruined. Shall wait until it totally heals. Went to Coffee Bean to meet Eichi and Yume aka Yen and first thing Eichi did when she saw me was freeze my brain by whipping out this totally unexpected drawing of Yamapi!!!!!!

It looks tons better in life. I love Yamapi =)

Omigosh!!! She improved so much!!! And the speed of which she drew this....just last monday I was asking her about it and she said she haven't started on it yet and viola, few days nia and it's all done. She is really one of the nicest artist I've met who willingly agree to design my blog header and draw all my fav. NEWS members for me. Which is like FOUR and only because Koyama isn't handsome and Ryo keeps bullying Shige which makes me dislike him. Or not it could have been all 6 seeing my inability to stick to one and only ONE member only.

I am so touched so if you ever need anything from the States eiChi, you can tell me and as soon as I've settled down properly there I promise I would try to get you something nice =) Oh yes I will. When is your birthday again? Don't forget to tell me.

Bought another drama. This time it's Yamapi's. Next would be Massu's. I think this latest obsession of mine is going to be as costly as my last two obsession (Westlife and Jay) DARN! And I was like so proud of myself for not spending a single cent towards my NEWS obsession by downloading all their stuffs online -as all their CDs cannot be found here- and what do I do next? Splurge on all their dramas. Cause utorrent takes dinosaur years and by the time my download is completed Yamapi would already be 1000 years old.

I should STOP having new obsessions. Or any obsession for the matter. Cause once I do I tend to go on this search to collect all their albums like what I did with Westlife and Jay. How could I forget Pokemon again where I spent oh never trying to forget it.....very depressing....stupid stickers.....

Yes, I think I shall make that as my resolution next year. Stop having obsessions I mean.

Which means I probably better buy all their dramas before the year ends.

My sister just saw what I typed and said that I am hopeless. I wonder why?


Had sushi cause Ammy was starving. The girl just waltz in and swipe two plates of baby octopuses (RM6) off the belt. The rate she swipe plates after plates of sushi is scary and fascinating at the same time. Scary cause sushi is like hella expensive and fascinating cause she doesn't even care that it's expensive.

Baby Octopus

Friggin delicious!!!! (Excuse the stupid flash)

As your twin Ammy, I should probably give you some advice on saving money. I know you are probably yelling at me now for doing the same by splurging on dramas and the like but I do plan before I buy. I did not swipe Yamapi's drama off the shelf cause I just happened to see it. My sister and I planned to buy it ages ago.

My twin, Ammy

It's quite interesting though to see you being able to spend your paycheck freely cause every time me and my sis work to buy some fancy gadgets we always end up dumping all our money in the bank instead with the philosophy of 'if I can live without that gadget for the past 2 months then I don't need it' which also double as an excuse for our compulsive disorder among all four sis to beat each others bank account amount which my daddy is trying to break for fear we all end up as that Nina Wang woman who won't spend a single cent lol.

But I'm quite sure he might prefer a Nina Wang for a daughter if he knew we are spending it on Japanese dramas. Shh~ XP


Never knew what a nail buffer was until that day. Apparently it's this REALLY GREAT stuff that polishes your nails until it's super shiny!!!! Better than clear nail polish! Omg, I love the person who invent this! Shall add this item into my list of beauty products.


Ammy demonstrating the wonders of a nail buffer


Won't it be fun to go to school and have the prefects accuse you for wearing nail polish?? Then I shall stand up and smugly point at them with my shiny nails and announce that it is nail buffer instead and they would go "har? What Nail Buffer? Stop lying" where I shall then superciliously proceed to berate them for simply accusing people due to their limited knowledge of not knowing what a nail buffer is.

Or maybe they already know what it is? Hmph.

Spent 30 minutes hunting for a pair of heels and ended up making everyone 30 minutes late for the movie. I bet they hate me deep inside. I LOVE HEELS!!! I feel so damn happy as soon as I slip into them. Been wearing flats for months and have been severely depressed. Heels can elongate your legs making your legs longer and slimmer =D Really!!! Don't understand why some girls hate them.

Point proven.

I did not manipulate this photo in any sense.

Heels are like the BEST although the torture is great *grimaces*


Watched "I am Legend". Didn't like it. Neither did my sis nor Levin nor my cousins. Our first thoughts when the credits rolled was "This definitely isn't worth my 9 bucks". And it isn't. Quite boring. I swear if I were the last person on earth and all the survivors were zombies again I would zha zha kill myself liao la hor. That is after I polish off all the Oreo and Vanilla ice-cream in stores. Weirdly enough, all my friends liked the movie to bits 0_O Don't understand why.

We were probably the most hated group there that day seeing as we were extremely noisy:

4pm: Constant whisperings as we try to figure out what was going on as we were 30 mins late.

~People in front very annoyed~

4.15pm: Me and 2nd sis complaining about the bloody long time it takes for the zombies to appear.

4.18: My phone rang as I forgot to switch to silent mode thus filling the cinema with Tegoshi's voice.

~I am quite sure the girl in front of me just gave me a nasty look~

4.20pm: Zombies appear. Cue Yume and Ammy's scream.

4.40pm: Me, Ammy and 2nd sis discussing about how we rather kill ourselves than survive with zombies.

~Loud shushes from people in front~

4.55pm: Levin, 2nd sis and me grumbling about how this movie isn't worth our precious 9 bucks.

~Finally decided that we are a lost case and gave up on us~

5.00pm: Ammy's cries of 'NO! Please don't let him die!!!'

During the entire time: Constant noisy munching of Tao Kae Noi seaweed courtesy of Ammy.

End of movie: Mad scramble for the door to avoid death glares while accidentally sending a bucket of popcorn crashing to the ground in the process.

I wonder if we are banned from Star Cineplex yet?


Went shopping at Hock Lee before going to Jade Pot for dinner. Shan't bore you with the details.

Wait, I remember something. I found like this super chio skirt which is all glittery gold and matches perfectly with my new heels but darn it all, I couldn't buy it in the end cause my legs were too long and made the skirt looks shorter than it originally is thus losing all it's classiness. For that ONE moment in my whole life I truly wished I was shorter. I WANT THAT SKIRT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!

Am miserable T_T


Joined the Methodist Christmas Parade around Padungan area on Saturday. Had fun shouting 'Merry Christmas' to passer-bys and singing Christmas carols. I noticed that the Westerners would happily greet you back in return while the Chinese would just stare at you silently. Even the Malays and Bumis were more open.

Not fair I wasn't chosen as an angel


What is wrong with them????

Would you just LOOK at the old guy in the middle?

He looks like some creepy butler from the Adam's Family.

Snubbed for a creepy butler.

Gosh, life sucks.

Sorry for the blur pics. Not me take one.

Our church got 2nd in the float competition =)

Oh by the way, have you guys been to Boulevard yet? It's my latest fav. mall. Shall return back there for a shopping spree when my cousins return from Hong Kong. So near my house again! Now no one can say my area is cacat cause all the best malls and restaurants are springing up in my area. Too bad I can't stay for long to enjoy them all =(

Am deliriously happy cause this guy who I met in camp who like Tegomass like siao (So happy ok! Got Tegomass fan! You know how hard to find or not?) has moved to my area!!!! He couldn't believe it either when he found out we were living here too. The BEST thing is he is exactly like Ammy who prefers buying drama and anime DVD instead of downloading them like every other sane person would do (why pay when can get for free?) which means I GOT NEW anime and drama supplier!!!! Muahahahaha. Bye bye you sucky torrent.


**Christmassy NEWS**


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