Thursday, December 6, 2007


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yes I am back from Santubong liao and no my evil twin I did NOT get a bad sunburn. In fact I had TONS of fun while you were busy selling kaya balls.....*dodges thrown kaya balls*....nyah-ah. Ok lah, I'll make it up to you somehow for having fun while you're not. Like can you see how totally ridiculous your complaints are now? Having fun also get scolded. Maybe buy kaya balls from you? =P

Am trying not to think about the million pictures I have yet to edit. Probably take days until I blog about the camp or until my dad push me to edit the pics for MYF. Anyway, I bunked with Faye and my sister and I am extremely happy I got Faye because I gathered that she would be a neat person which turns out to be true so my room was like the CLEANEST room among all campers and me and my sis like it that way =)

Ok I will continue to blog about the camp again after I get the pics ready. Went out with some of my 5J classmates the day before for movies. Watched Mr. Magnum wait....I think Magnum is the ice-cream name....Mr. Magnolium then? Magnolia? Ah crap I remember asking Faye like 5 times for the title and until now I still cannot remember it. I think it was Mr. Mag-something Wonderful or was it Magical? something Emporium. Ah screw the title I bet NO ONE that day remembered it too. Cause Faye had to check her phone every time I asked her for the title again lol. Honestly speaking the movie kinda sucked. Not like sucked sucked as in totally stupid but as in it has no plot, no suspense, no main point, no hot guys, no whatever. It's like just there. When the credits rolled at the end me and Sha were like "HAR???? End liao meh? Exactly what were we watching again? You're kidding right? THAT is a movie? Where's my focus of the movie? WHERE?"

Btw, what in the world is an emporium anyway?

Seriously. It's the weirdest movie I had ever watched. If it were 9 bucks instead of 5 I would probably strangle the manager and demand a refund or threaten to tape his eyes open and make him watch that movie repeatedly until he admit defeat. When I told my sis about it she was like 'you idiot cannot think meh? Have you come across any great movies with freakin long name like that? Awesome movies have one name only unless it's based on a book' and proceed to name Spiderman, Titanic, Batman, Narnia, Matrix etc. till I completely bo sim to continue talking with her anymore.

Yes, if you read EiChi blog you will know I drove some of them. I believe they are thinking of buying insurance the next time they sit in my car seeing as I was weaving in and out of traffic anyhow relying on Sha to direct me. I did not scratch my car going up and down the spirals though. So proud la ok. Congratulate me liao! =D

I also discover the many disadvantages of driving. Like how now you have to PAY for the parking fees *grumbles* bah! Never noticed how sim tia was that cause last time it was always my dad or my friend who paid and I never felt anything. 2 bucks can buy kolo mee ok? 4 bucks a set meal. 5 bucks a movie. You add add add it gets worse worse worse and I'm not even paying for the car fuel yet. Don't want own a car in the future and shall use the bus (I heard the bus is quite good overseas) until I am rich then buy because if I keep paying for parking fees and fuel for sure stuck with a Kancil-equivalent forever.

What was the Chinese saying again? Sikit sikit lama jadi bukit? Ok that would be the BM version as I cannot remember the Chinese one at all. So I shall save all my money instead of spending it on silly parking fees so I can buy my dream silver convertible. Yealar, you very smart la. Silver convertible also have to pay parking fees but by then I am RICH liao ok? 2 bucks would be like 2 cents to me XD

No Tegoshi pictures today cause I'm using my daddy's laptop and he forbid me to save a single photo of my favorite stars in it. He says it sucks up his HD space. If I had a laptop, Tegoshi can suck up all my HD space for all I care. Tegoshi is simply awesome and I will continue ranting about him until you agree with me lol =)

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