Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Lovely Complex

Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Christmas dinner this year wasn't all that fun cause this time my cousins were in HK instead. Usually they spent every Christmas at our house since like forever. I miss them badly =(

Anyway, all you anime watchers out there MUST watch Lovely Complex!!!! It's like one of the nicest anime ever next to Honey & Clover. This anime is the only one which has managed to get me back to watching animes after immersing myself into the J-drama world.

The sole reason I actually bother with animes again is cause that guy I met at camp told me that Tegomass sang the OP and ED for Lovely Complex. Now THAT definitely got my attention. Then he, eiChi and Ammy kept rambling about how awesome the anime is till curiosity got the better of me and decided to give it a try. After all, if Tegomass sang for it then it shouldn't be that bad =)

It's about a girl (Koizumi) who is 172cm tall who falls in love with a 156cm guy (Otani) and basically the whole anime is about how they cope with their height difference I think, seeing as I'm only on episode 9 at the moment. (Wiki Link) But all I can say so far is that THIS ANIME IS AWESOME!!!! The storyline, emotions, music, script is great. It can actually make you laugh AND cry at the SAME time. That would be the end of episode 8 where it the situation was so heartbreaking till I cried (*and I seldom do for any movie) yet at the same time, this scriptwriter manage to inject humor into the scene through other characters so I was like crying and laughing at the same time ('Feel like eating bear curry'...lol those who watched would understand)

Never knew it was possible to do both O_o

On the whole it's really touching and they got the whole high school romance part perfectly down to pat. The confession, agony of silence, rejection etc. Like Honey & Clover and Proposal Daisakusen (drama). Plus it has it fair share of humorous moments too. Really hilarious when it chooses to be. Koizumi's best friends are those you should look out for. Their plans to get them together at the beach was so silly XD I prefer this sort of romance story to those normally found in K-dramas. Somebody faster make it into a drama!!!! I can't wait for a drama!!! Just don't choose the tall-short couple in Proposal Daisakusen as the actors.

But honestly la, can fall in love with someone that short meh? If I were her I'll get Haruka. He's tall AND hot and he likes her like siao. Otani is just like her little brother lidat. Can fall meh??? I find it hard to believe though. I mean a little shorter maybe can la but a difference of 16cm??? I remember reading somewhere where scenarios like this do happen in the world and they actually got married. Got one where the guy is until the woman's knee only!!! All I can think of is how can they possibly kiss and ahem..... You know......


Oh well, shall resume watching episode 10. Go watch!!! It is nice. Oh and the ED song is in my sidebar. One of the sweetest love song ever and it's not because I'm bias. It really is. Tegomass FTW =D

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