Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Watashiwa Restaurant

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yamapi is just so cute in dramas can?! He's so ridiculously weird in Nobuta wo Produce lol. Till the point he actually becomes cool. That drama has some of the most lamest quotes ever but also some of the most meaningful ones too. Why oh why must Yamapi has so many cute signature moves in each of his drama? First was 'Hallelujah Chance!" in Proposal Daisakusen and now in NwP it's this:


Kon Kon!

Do not ask me what that is. I think it's either a dog or fox. But who cares, he is cuuuuute!!! Omg, I sound like deranged fangirl!!! Now I know why God gave me sisters. It's so we can fangirl the day away at home to get all our insanity out of our systems so we are able to act composed and level-headed outside. Haha. KON KON! *imitates Yamapi* Ok, maybe I should stop doing that with 2nd sis.

Ok ok ok, getting incredibly sidetracked here as usual. Supposed to blog about my Sunday School teachers lunch at Watashiwa Japanese Restaurant last Sunday. I seriously doubt this is an authentic Japanese Restaurant. Yes, after eating at quite a number of Japanese restaurants I pride myself for being able to tell the fake from the real liao (joke case some oversensitive people mistaken me for being hao lian. Sigh, readers nowadays) Anyway, what self-respecting Japanese restaurant would call their outlet 'Watashiwa'? *aghast look* ('Watashiwa' means 'I' or 'Me' in Japanese) Like so uncreative and ridiculous can or not?

Like calling your Chinese restaurant 'Wo' or how about 'Me Restaurant' in English? Actually 'Me Restaurant' still manages to come off sounding cute. Got SO MANY Japanese words to choose from and they cannot even select a suitable name? Ever heard of the internet? I'm surprised they didn't straight out name their restaurant 'Sayonara' seeing as that is probably the most popular Japanese word ever.

The appetizer. At least I think it's supposed to be.

Where is my joint chopsticks where I have to break apart? They serve potato salad in Japan? I mean like in a traditional meal? POTATO SALAD??? Itadakimasu? I think not. Look at that sushi. See how measly the sprinkle of 'ebi roe' (the orange thingy on my sushi) is? It looks like the dusting of crumbs that fell off those 2 deep-fried thingy next to it instead of the supposed 'outer layer' of my sushi.

This is what the sushi is originally SUPPOSED to look like

Have you tried KGS sushis? Please go there hor as so far their sushi is one of the best in Kuching. Huge and so totally worth it. Yes, BIGGER than the pic above.


They must be joking. Nope, I think they were serious. HAHAHAHAHA. No, I find it really amusing. Being served that for lunch in a restaurant. First time I've actually come across a meal like this. Have no idea what that is. Even if that is supposed to be a Japanese meal -which I hight doubt it- I'm quite sure you don't serve that in restaurants. Like you don't serve corn beef and rice in a Western restaurant. Or salted fish porridge in a Chinese one. Cause all the restaurants I've eaten at before definitely don't serve food like those. Kopitiam yes, restaurants no.

Where's the tempura, udon, soba or soumen??? Har? Where?

But since it's free I shall not complain much. Shall just take it as a normal lunch. But if any of you decide to eat there please rethink your decision again hor. You're better off eating at 'Yew Fook' or something.

Ha! You think I'll end a post without my beloved Tegoshi in it meh? Since we're talking about Japanese food, putting a Japanese celeb pic in isn't that off yes?

See? Hot right? I had to photoshop the pic cause the scanlators spilled water all over it thus ruined it but since this pic of them is like super gorgeous I had to have it. Thank goodness for photoshop. Can fix anything. If only life is that easy can photoshop your flaws away.

Oh, I learned 4 new Chinese words today........手越祐也. Fine, so it's Tegoshi's name but whatever la ok. You cannot be picky when it comes to learning right?


*Sigh* Getting the world to agree with me is so hard....

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