Saturday, November 24, 2007

J-Drama Obsession

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ahh, nothing interesting seem to be happening in my life right now. Anyway, totally into Japanese Dramas now thanks to Hana Kimi =) The BEST thing about J-dramas besides the VARIETY of plots (ahem you 4-3-2 K-drama) is the number of episodes are never more than 12. I cannot stand sibeh long dramas. If you do, you should watch Korean dramas instead. I just heard that 'Winter Sonata' has like 100 episodes?! *jaw drops* Siao......

Currently watching 'Proposal Daisakusen'. NICE!!! About a guy who attended his childhood friend wedding and realized he loved her and wants to go back in time to confess and got his wish thanks to a fairy. He gets to go back through pictures as shown on the slide-show during the wedding. Frustrating thing is he kept screwing up his chance to confess AGAIN and AGAIN for like don't know how many pictures already!!! Say it la! Only have to say 2 words (suki da) or even ONE (aishiteru) compared to the standard 3 words in English (I Love You). Like how simple can it get again. I have a feeling it would take him 11 pictures meaning all 11 episodes to make him confess.

Ok I admit I watch it mainly for Yamapi. Currently still on my NEWS obsession and me and my sis are watching every drama each member have ever acted in =P The story itself is so-so but throw Yamapi in and it becomes good. Cause he still got the star quality ok. He's quite hilarious and undeniably cute in certain scenes. Hallelujah chance!!!! LOL. And the Hallelujah chorus. Can never tire of it haha. Love his pose.

Yes my dear twin, since you're asking me to weed out all those nice dramas out I think you can give this a try =P It won BEST DRAMA ok so you cannot blame me for bias-ism even if there is heh. But honestly, I think it's really good. Romance but not cheesy with slice of life thrown in. I love it lar. But you have to watch 'My Boss My Hero' ok! Because even if I watched it for Tegoshi in the beginning I ended up liking it as it's hilarious. Makio's face expression is just so ridiculous!

Koyama, Ryo, TEGOSHI♥ , Shige, Yamapi, Massu

Yes. After watching and reading endless stuff about them I finally remember all their names. Shall probably be babbling about them for the next few months every once in a while so this pic would serve as a guide in case you're wondering who is who. I swear they are the hottest most interesting band ever and no one even come close. Forget the rest of JE celebs, in me and 2nd sis opinion, they are the epitome of JE and probably the whole Japan. And maybe even Korea included =P

Oh, before Eichi kills me I best not forget to mention Toma too lol. NEWS+Toma. Epitome of Asian superstars? heh. Wait, I forgot Jay!! If we are talking about Asia then Jay MUST be included!!! Okay I am getting incredibly side-tracked here.....

Shall watch 'Papa to Musume no Nanokakan', 'One Liter Of Tears' and 'Nobuta wo Produce' next. Cause got Shige, Ryo & Yamapi (again. His list of dramas is like so long it'll take us forever to complete) in each respectively. Yes, all NEWS members. Totally infatuated with NEWS now so excuse my rants. Lalala~ Shall continue with episode 8 of 'Proposal Daisakusen' now and shall try to finish it tonight.

Yamapiiiiiiiiii~ Kawaii.

"Hallelujaaaaaah CHANCE"......=P

Update: Just finished the drama and oh my stars it's AWESOME. Touching. This is the kind of romance/slice of life drama I've been looking for for years. A mixture of romance and life lessons. Plus the romance is believable if you exclude the fairy. But at least it's more practical and down to earth than some of the fantasy like romance mostly found in K-dramas. Not that K-dramas aren't nice cause they are. Just that I prefer more close to reality scenarios. I want more romance drama like 'Proposal Daisakusen'!!!! It reminds me of 'Honey & Clover'. One of the best drama anime I've watched till date.

Proposal Daisakusen sugoi!!!! =D

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