Saturday, November 17, 2007

If I Were The Crown Princess....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

First things first. If anyone sees the 'My Boss My Hero' J-drama in any cd store PLEASE TELL ME. I want to buy it so so so so much. I don't wanna download. Lazy. Takes forever to burn into discs also. Yeah, Tegoshi is in there which pretty much explains why I want it. And I've searched for it on the net and everyone keeps saying how hilarious it is and what one of the best drama so I want it too as there is like an empty spot in me after I finished HanaKimi eons ago.

Still midway through the K-Drama 'Princess Hours' or more commonly known as 'Goong' to some people. Like all K-dramas, this is another 4-3-2 plot. Basically about an arranged marriage between the Crown Prince and a girl in his high school since their grandfather time. Prince already has a girlfriend and asked her to marry him to escape the arranged marriage. Girl rejects him to pursue her dream as world greatest ballerina. Prince gets hurt and marries the other girl instead who turns out to be the one who caused him trouble in school previously. Quarrels and petty fights ensues during their days together at the Palace.

Ballerina girl becomes jealous after seeing the marriage on TV and like the shameless cunning girl she is plots to steal the Crown Prince back. Enter another Prince to make the rectangle love complete - Prince Ulseong aka Lee Yul who was originally the Crown prince until his father died before becoming King and was banished to England for 14 years instead due to certain palace rules. Now returns to reclaim the throne due to his scheming mom who isn't happy to be stripped of her Crown Princess title. Prince falls in love with current Crown Princess while Crown Prince is still in love with Ballerina girl but later falls for Crown Princess while Ballerina girl just remain as the bitch she is. Get it? No? Wiki it or something then.

It's set in the 21st century and the people involved are still high school students. Now the only reason I endure this slow drama is mainly because:

A) My NEWS and Tegomass downloads are still not yet done

B) Prince Ulseong looks like the Korean version of Tegoshi (Kyaaa~ Tesshi!!!)

C) Am dying to get to the part where stupid malicious ballerina girl loses everything

Ballerina Girl aka Hyo-Rin aka Biatch

I dislike her the first time I saw her. She is pale and has the most pronounced eyebags (not obvious here) I have ever seen in dramas. She looks like she has been constantly crying for 3 days 3 nights. Supposedly the hottest girl in school. I say that if that were the case then the school has no hope. She selfishly dump the Crown Prince hor and now wants to steal him back after achieving her scholarship dream? People married liao la hor. She is mean, conniving and extremely tiu and deserves to be thrown into a pond. We want to see her fall. Heh. I'm talking about the character in the drama la not the actress. The actress is quite pretty in real life.

Crown Prince aka *forgot his name* aka Total Jerk

My mom says he is not 'shuai' and refuses to watch the drama because of that haha. I say she was ruined ever since she discover those hilarious J-dramas so please find that "My Boss My Hero" drama for us =D But seriously this K-drama is quite disappointing in the hot people department. I thought Korean dramas are famous for their gorgeous cast? Anyway, this Crown prince is a total jerk and you don't see him smiling so happily in this picture and get mislead. He spent the whole drama bullying the Crown Princess in a nasty way and is totally not likable at all. We fully support the second character - Yul instead of him. This is a first as we have always supported the 1st character no matter how cold-hearted they might have acted as there was still something about them that made you root for him. Unlike this Crown Prince. I hope he lose.

Prince Ulseong aka Lee Yul

So hot. I only started this drama cause of him. He is the one we are rooting for right now. And it's not because he looks like Tegoshi la. We are not that shallow. Ok, maybe a little.... But he is nothing but sweetness during the entire drama. He treats the Crown Princess like gold unlike a certain Ice Prince and so totally deserves her. So sad to see him sad ok. But I still think the current Crown Prince is more suited for King seeing as his icy nature is perfect for that post whereas Yul is so soft in nature that I cannot imagine him ruling a country. But he deserves the Crown Princess though. So totally do....

Crown Princess aka Chae-Kyung or was it Kyang? Or maybe Kang? Or....

You think after watching 16 episodes I would remember their names T_T

Well, at least I know I got Yul's name right.

She is so bubbly!!! So amusing to see her antics. The only thing is she is too kind or should you say naive at times. Like how she silently put up with all of Hyo-Rin shamless act in stealing the Crown Prince away. If I were her, I'll exile her to the Sahara Desert le. Plus the toilet scene where a group of girls simply spread nasty lies about her being snobbish and not suited as Crown Princess she just remain silent in the cubicle. If I were Crown Princess hor, I would slam open my cubicle door and go "So? So what? I AM still Crown Princess right? Nyah-ah! Jealous I took your Crown Prince away? Too bad! Muahahaha" and happily walk out the door. What? They so mean bor. Of course I shall rub it in lol. Maybe make them my maids. Too bad I'm no Crown Princess =( Oh and if I were her, I would annul my marriage to the Crown Prince and run away with Prince Ulseong. He is like hotter, kinder, nicer. Plus it's not like their current marriage is consummated anyway so I don't see what's wrong.

Another pic of Yul. Cause we like him =)

PRINCE ULSEONG GO! GO! GO! He wears earrings in the drama. HOT. Guys who has the cute sweet guy look looks good in earrings. They just give off the innocent yet not-so-innocent aura that makes them simply irresistible. Cool types should not wear any as they only end up looking like some mobster or just gay XD

See? He looks like Tego (pic). Just that Tego is HOTTER. Naturally.

I want the cute bear bears!!!! After every episode there is a few shots of these bears at the end with them dressed in the clothings the characters in the dramas just wore. SO CUTE!!! I LOVE BEARS!!! My favorite kind of soft toys =D

Gaaaah! Royal bear bear family!!!


Cuteness overkill. *faints*

Anyway, shall continue the drama when 2nd sis gets back. Our perfect ending would be Crown Prince as King, Palace becomes more animated, Hyo-Rin banished to the Sahara AFTER she gets tossed into a muddy pond and finally Prince Ulseong/Yul and Crown Princess lives happily ever after. Perfect no? heh. *crosses fingers*

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