Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hawaiian Nite

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ok, finally got around to editing the pics albeit somewhat reluctantly. Omigosh, I adore LiveJournal!!! Whoever created that is a genius!!! There's tooooons of NEWS stuff in there =D EiChi you ruined me. First by introducing Toma which lead to the discovery of his best friend Yamapi which lead to his band NEWS which lead to TEGOSHI (omg, I like him so much) then finally to Tegomass which comprises of both Tegoshi & Massu from NEWS. Yeah, so Yamapi is no longer my favorite J-Star and is currently replaced by Massu cause I find him extremely boring in all their videos.

My daddy is darn bias hor! Last time I tried to chiong Hanakimi I got cheng like what lidat but when my 3rd sis chiong it in 2 sittings he didn't say a word. I had to divide the drama over 5 days ok?! Whereas my MOM who also scolded my for watching it later ended up watching it all in 2 nights cause she said it was too interesting. Bah! I shall chiong my K-drama too on the grounds of 'why them and not me too'. It's 'Princess Hours' and darn, is the pace ever so sloooow -_- I only watch it for the blond prince and to see that ballerina girl get rejected by both princes. I hate girls like her. They are so quiet and act so 'refined' like but are extremely malicious and cunning and would steal your boyfriend before you even discover their full name.

Anyway, here are the hurriedly edited photos as I'm too engrossed with downloading tons of NEWS and Tegomass stuff to slow slow enhance the color. I wish I understand Japanese so I needn't waste time downloading all the subbed versions and could just watch it raw on youtube =(


*stares at pic* I darn regret getting that stupid perm. My hair....*sobs* I WANT EXTENSIONS. Anybody knows where I can get hair extensions in Kuching?

The guest table

Blue cloth represents ocean and as you can see they are sea-shells and orchids adorning the table. Many thanks to Aunt J for providing us the sea-shells =D See the spears behind?? I made that myself *beams* What? You say you can make one too? Hmph. Fine. Flower on daddy's face due to his request that I don't post his picture up on the net. Such a waste as he was smiling so nicely here.

AW posing with the beach towels. Yes, all the way from Hawaii ok. The towels not AW. Bought it 10 years back or so. Personally I have always liked the night sky one better. You know I nearly drowned in Hawaii?? I thought I was so kesi trying to imitate people in movies and stupidly went to jump into the pool which soi soi turns out to be the deep end and I couldn't swim and was sinking until my daddy suddenly discover my disappearance and searched for me. I STILL have the picture of that moment in my album. It's so eerie can where my daddy and sis are smiling at the camera while I am in the background drowning under the water. I think I shall burn that pic if I ever come across it again.

Hula hoop showdown. Only pic not blur.

Limbo dance!!!!

What the???

They are NOT human ok?!

These 4 are not normal!!! Did you see their backs??? How come can bend so low wan! The lowest they went was like 2 chairs I think? The guy in red won and he's like taller than me gok! I never once expected anyone to go so low. Totally respect them now.

Hula dance! Hehe, we copied the move from Lilo off youtube. Shh~

I think I kinda suck in the beginning cause I forgot to bend my legs and was moving quite stiffly and wondered why I couldn't shake my hips naturally until I realized my mistake. I had FUN learning this dance!!! I think I've watched the Youtube video like a gazillion times just to figure out the moves for this 3 mins dance. Youtube is a lifesaver! HA! Can finally say I know how to hula dance liao when people ask me. It does look a little bit like 'tai chi' don't you think?

Best Dressed Competition

Flowers to preserve their identities cause I don't know them well enough to know if they permit me posting their pics in my blog. Anyway, I want to thank all those who wore Hawaiian attires that night!!! You guys helped us a lot by doing so =) I don't understand why some won't dare to wear though. Do they think it's not cool and dressing up makes you lame? Because I think it's silly to think that way. It's already stated as a 'Hawaiian' Party. It's like I ask you come my 'pool party' and you decide to come in a formal attire instead of swimsuits because you feel 'paiseh'. Very silly ok. What is there to be 'paiseh' about when the host requests you to adhere to a certain dress code to fit the theme of the party? I wish Kuching people are more sporting at times. Seriously, then it would be a heck lot more cooler.

Another sporting guy with his equally cool Hawaiian Shirt. I LIKE that shirt! Where can buy ar?

I tried resisting the urge of posting it up but failed.

You may glare at me now.

But don't you think Tego
(bottom left) is JUST SO CUTE?! *heart-shaped eyes*

Ahem. Back to the competition.

The pretty girl in the red floral wrap around skirt won.

I am the organizer so I sadly I do not qualify for any of the competitions that night =(

FOOOOD!!!! Omg, this time's party food was the BEST ever!!!! Thanks for bringing food that has a Hawaiian flair to it! MANY MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! There were boxes of Hawaiian and Island Supreme Pizzas, chicken wings, tropical fruits, fruit salads, tuna sandwiches, egg sandwiches, chips, banana cake and various buns and oh I simply cannot remember what else again!!

Thank you so much again Aunt J for providing us your Punch Bowl for our Fruits Punch =) I nearly cried when I saw the table. I was so so so so worriedfor weeks that no one would take our requests seriously when we asked them to bring Hawaiian themed food. Am so touched ok! *sobs happily* Thank you soooo much for complying with all our requests and making things go smoothly.

The cake!! I am super impressed can?!

I printed a pic of a cake that looked like this from the net and asked my mum to ask the baker to design it as close as possible to the pic and he actually DID it!!! It's 98% alike!! He even added the 'sticking-out' chocolate surfboards in! I never knew Kuching bakers can do that. I always thought they only know how to make flower or cartoon cakes. Maybe I shall ask them to make a 'LV handbag' cake for my birthday =D

With candles

Me and 2nd sis cutting the cake.

Have no idea where the rest of the birthday people suddenly disappear off to....

Ahem. Too busy digging in to take photos of the food.

I want the pizza ma! Got wrong meh?

Had neither lunch nor dinner (busy with preparations) and was practically ravenous.

The green curtain we put up to give it a more tropical feel. I also made my daddy borrow 2 palm trees from some gardening shop for display hehe. Later he went to saw off 2 huge coconut leaves from a nearby house hahahaha. I am glad he supports me and my sis so much =D Totally love my parents. Didn't take a pic of the outside decor though =( Maybe someone did take it. Have to ask around. Oh, my smile was kinda weird here no matter how I tried photoshoping it so I gave up and stuck a flower on instead.

My flower headband

My mom made it all by herself!!! I am so proud of her la ok?! She just gather a bunch of 'zhi hua' and just staple them around a ring of manila card. She is a genius at substituting stuff can? It looks nearly alike the ones people wear in Hawaii. The leaves she found for our wrists also looks similar to the special leaves in Hawaii. Have I mentioned how much I adore my parents yet? I so hope I can be even half of what they are now in the future.

When hula girls go wild. lol.

Tsk. Spoil pic nia by laughing.

Have you see how long my bangs were? So you see, I am not at fault for attempting to cut my hair myself thus causing a stray hair to embed itself in my eye causing serious discomfort for 2 days. I will however tell you that a miracle occurred that night when I prayed desperately to God to help me get through hosting the night events by removing the pain. He did you know. As soon as it was my turn to start hosting, the pain suddenly disappear and I totally forgot about the whole hair in eye thing until the party was over and I reached home then 'wham' suddenly the pain came back full force.

It's a miracle to me because those who had eyelashes embedded in their eyes before would know how freakin painful it can be. So for me to not feel anything at all for that particular period of time to enable me to get through the party is short of nothing but a miracle =D Oh, we'll also like to thank all those who helped us like our dancers (you know who you are) and AW for help decorating the place.

Ok I finally blogged about this event. Am off to indulge myself in more NEWS goodies now. Is it my fault for being so obsessed? Blame them for being so perfect =P

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