Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Think I Am Smart Because....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I've just solved a 'complex' situation. Remember I said I bought this Home Hair Treatment Set a few weeks back? Well, 2nd sis and I wanted to use it just now but then discover to our disappointment that we need to wrap our hair in hot towels or put under a steam machine for 10 minutes for the treatment to seep into our hair according to the instructions written behind.

Hair Steamer

Now what normal person would own a hair steamer at home?? Who?? My hairdresser is so crafty to omit this vital part when she sold me this treatment set. I would not have bought it had I known about this earlier. Hmph. We've 'googled' and 'yahoo answered' every topic relating to home hair treatments and substitutes for Hair Steamers and they keep mentioning this 'hot towel' thingy. How to get a HOT TOWEL???? So being the 'smart' people we are we microwaved our towels before wrapping our heads with it and it was hot but NOT FOR LONG. 2 minutes later and the silly towel have to cool down so fast!!!

After pondering for a moment a brilliant idea came to my mind....and yes being the super generous soul I am I shall share it with all of you who might encounter this problem in the future too and decided to search the internet for answers. Forget 'Google' and 'Yahoo Answers', just 'Ask Hana' as her suggestion is going to be much more useful.


See? Problem solved! Just go to the nearest steam bath you have in your area and do your DIY hair treatment there!!! We went to KGS just now to do ours and it turned out fine. The steam was hot, allowing the nutrients to happily seep in plus at the same time you can steam yourself away (I heard it's good for health). BRILLIANT NO?! So I may not be able to recite strings of physics equations but I can come up with creative ways to solve common everyday problems yes? =D

Nyah-ah. Happy! Yea, shall start editing the party pics tomorrow *sorry* as I have yet to collect the other half from someone. Am going back to watch HanaKimi with my parents downstairs (yes, I want watch again cannot meh) Ha! They watched like 5 episodes straight already! Still dare say us again last time!!! Told you people it's an amazing drama liao. Oh EiChi, my family loves Nakatsu hahaha. Toma for the win! *winks*


ammy said...

jos has a sauna at home, does that help?

hana kimi for the win!!

Hana said...

why? Does she wants to do home hair treatments too? I think you need steam though. Don't remember saunas of having steam. Can try maybe. haha

Yes, Hanakimi is made of win. Japan should churn out more dramas like that!!!

Ammy said...

they do, we just need to weed them out.

you look, i buy. fair square!