Monday, November 12, 2007


Monday, November 12, 2007

Finally, it's over!!! =D After months and weeks of endless planning, crazy shopping rush, late night dance lessons, tiring hula skirt making and endless last minute phone calls for something we forget to's finally done and over with.

Party was a success and shall blog about it later =) Anyway, you know how I said my eyeball was apparently sliced open by my towel? Well, it's not. I finally went to a doctor just now and the cause of my every blinking pain was one tiny hair embedded somewhere in my eye where I cannot see.

48 bucks! Toot la ok. Like one pair of heels can??? I should have just left my bangs alone!!!! Cause it was getting into my eyes and I didn't have time to visit my hairdresser what with all the party planning so I decided to trim it on my own which lead to this tiny stray hair to happily fly in my eye 15 minutes later thus causing serious discomfort and a loss of a possible pair of new heels. It seems that my hair is always giving me bad luck recently. Maybe I should just shave it all off and enter into nunnery.

By the way, I finally know the names of my two beloved Japanese stars!!! *HAPPY* They now have names hahaha. Thanks to everyone who helped supplied me the answers. Apparently, 'hot leader' is Yamashita Tomohisa also known as Yamapi who is also the leader of NEWS. See, my deduction is super sharp as usual heh.

The only pic of him I deem hot

Why does everyone thinks he is my utmost favorite ar? Ok, I admit he was the one lingering behind my mind for the past 8 months but that was before I watched Hana Kimi and nearly faint from laughter due to Toma's crazy antics. Plus after going through like 1000 of Yamapi's pic I can safely say that he is not photogenic at all because out of 1000 only 10 were remotely nice. My sis says Toma is hotter and I'm inclined to agree with her too. He looks hot in nearly every pic. We like Toma better =)

But be it Yamapi or Toma or both combined, neither of them can beat this guy....











He is our 2nd FAVORITE star ever!!! (Jay would always be our no.1 hahaha) How can you not like him??? Yes, he is 'super hot guy'. How can all you NEWS fans say Yamapi is the best? Hello? Can you just pry your eyes off Yamapi for one second and just look at Tegoshi? He is so hot/pretty/cute/cool all rolled into one. Plus he has the best voice too!!! Not to mention he looks good in any hairstyle and color (ok, except that animax hair).


I know Tegoshi wasn't that good looking compared to the rest in the past (but he was still cute la ok) but he's like getting hotter with each MV they release whereas Yamapi and Ryo looks the same every year. Sadly I cannot find any of Tegoshi's latest pics of his recent hotness yet =( But it's so obvious Tegoshi is like the hottest NEWS member ever or will be soon. Just you wait and see.....

Kyaaaa~~~ *swoons*

NEWS is most probably the hottest Asian boyband ever out there =D It's the latest band of singers to join our current favorite Asian singers list which currently comprises of Jay and Rain only. Yes, we are extremely picky haha. I don't want to know any other bands liao. Just one hot non-english one is more than enough. Very hard to keep up with them alone already what with all the language barrier and all that. Plus as far as I know, all other bands I've heard of or saw on TV aren't as hot as NEWS.

Have no idea how others can actually keep track of all these foreign singers when I can't even figure out the title nor singer of a Chinese song I like on the radio -_- I wish Astro would give us the option of Taiwan MTV and stuff. So hard to know any Chinese singers when you're half banana like us and all you have at home is English music stations on TV and English newspapers. Pointless to ask my friends also as they have no idea about Asian singers beside Jay and Wang Lee Hom only.

Astro people out there.....I want TAIWAN/CHINA MTV like the one I saw during my trip to Beijing last year. And while you're at it you can also throw in a mixed Korean and Japanese music channel. I swear you will win back all those Chinese 'Chinese' customers you lost to all those China satellites =D

From bottom left: Tesshi!!! (SO CUTE NE?!) Yamapi and Ryo

Top center: Massu. The other 2 names I cannot remember

Haha I have a hard time remembering names or titles that are not in English unless it consists of only one syllable (like Ryo and Massu) or I simply like you a lot (like Tegoshi). C'mon la, I even forgot how to write my Chinese name last year and had to ask my classmates to write it out for me ok? XP

Pics of the Hawaiian Party to come soon =D

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