Saturday, November 3, 2007

Craving For Starbucks Coffee

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Am stuffed to the brim with chicken and ice-cream and 2o bucks poorer before I went out with my friends =( I seriously wonder how some of those people I know can continue living this kind of lifestyle where they go out with friends 'yum cha' every single day. Everytime I go out with friends I always end up at least 35 bucks poorer within an hour. If they were some datuk son I can understand but they're not. So what in the world is their secret? I also wanna know.

Then again maybe it's cause they don't squander it on Revlon lipsticks, Japanese hair treatments and nose pore strips XP Now that I think about it, one packet of nose pore strips costs like RM13 with around 10 strips that last around a month or less. Yet after every usage, my nose pores would still end up getting clogged after a few days. So WHY am I still buying it??? I've asked around and apparently most of my friends are also buying it endlessly like me even when they know the results aren't even permanent. No wonder life is so difficult, I don't even understand myself at times...

Anyway, went to Cheers with friends. Worth going to if you're craving for Western meals. The portions are huge and reasonably priced. Tastes good too =)

My 'Chicken with Cheese'. The attraction of our table. See, I GOT taste *smug look*

Abi is sibeh photogenic. While I look like a stuffed pig she makes eating an art.

Abi ---> Queen of all wacky expressions.

You think you can look as cute as her meh doing that.

She is PRO.

Took me forever to photoshop the yellowness away

Later we sent Malcolm off at the airport. Met Kian Wee there who told me that I am the only notorious one missing from class yesterday. No one told me there was an exam anyway. Oh well *shrugs* not like I'm taking Muet anyway so I think I'm exempted from it. We were supposed to drink Starbucks coffee but Malcom's plane had to come so darn early =( Never mind, I heard the coffee is very expensive anyway so I'm so proud of myself that I saved 15 bucks even though it was out of the circumstances of events and not out of my lousy willpower. Malcolm's gotten a lot fairer. WHY oh WHY does everyone become so fair after they go to college? It's like a secret SK2 factory where everyone goes in and comes out fairer than before. Another frivolous reason on why I want to go college too liao hehe.

Picture of my recent haircut for personal reference in the future.

This is my blog after all.

Yealar, I know it's dry. I am working on it ok?

I take one!!!!

NICE HOR?!! Edit till so sui again *beams*

Went to Sunny Hill for ice-cream after that. I know it's fattening but seriously, a girl needs a break from having to watch what she eats all the time. It's exhausting. I know I'll feel guilty 3 days later after driving my sis out to Everise yesterday to buy 30 bucks worth (to give you an idea on just HOW MUCH junk food we ingested) of chips, seaweeds, nuts and cookies to munch on while watching Hana Kimi. But after much tiring internal debating all I can say in the end is "oh flan it life's too short to have to refrain from all kinds of food every single day". I'll just work it off at the gym tomorrow then. Yeah, you can read Abi's version of the night at her blog. Apparently we can blog something totally different about the very same events =D

Abi, Me, Sha

I feel kinda depressed these few days after learning I got 2nd in class. I lost by a margin of 8 marks like that I think. I feel like I disappointed everyone. Those guys in my class? Were all like 'why you so lousy get second nia' and it hurts like hell not because of their words (they're super nice people so don't simply assume) but because I can sense their disappointment beneath their words. The one thing I cannot stand most in the world is people's disappointment. It's the worst feeling in the world. You can't get mad, you can't laugh, you can't defend yourself. All you can do is silently stare at nothing in particular while the feeling of numbness and 'if onlys' crashes over you again and again. They were all like rooting for me to get first and so were my parents and now I feel like crap. I know it's no point regretting on all the things I could have done but that doesn't mean that hopeless feeling would just magically vanish into thin air.

Suddenly don't look forward to Hari Pelajar Cemerlang much at all. Probably the only highlight of the day would be the fact that EiChi would be giving me a VCD of Toma's live performances that day =D

No, in case you misunderstand, I meant she would give me his concert VCD on that day. Not Toma coming to perform live in our school that day. I would donate millions to GRSS if I become rich in the future hor were they to actually invite Toma to sing at our school.

*sigh* All I want to do now is to shut my eyes and bury myself deep in my blankets while wishing that everything was a mistake and as soon as I lift the covers, everything would suddenly be okay and all my wishes would have come true. Just like a dream, a nightmare gone to pass.

Too bad this is reality....


May25 said...

Ha! u 4got to write tht the last pic is to kek u coz we'r taller!! xDD aww im photogenic! haha~ =)
omg ur post so diff from my one swt. haha. xDD

*hugs* cheer up k? getting top 2 is SOOO much better than the other way around, which is bottom 2. =)

n ur gonna go to the ang moh land. so grab an ang moh then come back kek all of them! fingers crossed on a zac efron look-a-like!

Hana said...

I hate to tell u dis abi but i hate zac LOL. My family is prob the only one on earth who don't find him hot.

I swear the blond and black guy is like way hotter than zac. I dun like gabriella too. I like Ashley better! The hot blond one.

You know what I want now? Kagurazaka look-a-like. I swear. He is like the hottest thg on earth.

Yes, half and half is damn nice.

And yes u are photogenic. U never look ugly in pic and dun require any photoshop. heh.

May25 said...

woiiii kagurazaka is mineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ur supposed 2 like toma!!

Hana said...

I've just view your blog....


WHO says I have to stick to Toma only ???

I like Kagurazaka!!! SO SO SO SO HOT!!! Got the right mix of both Asian and Western features.

Btw, why don't YOU stick to your MATT only and leave Kagurazaka alone? hahaha