Sunday, November 4, 2007

Desperate. Needs Help. *cries*

Sunday, November 4, 2007
Read the title? Yes, I am desperate here. Am wishing I had a genie of my own right now. You see me and my sis would be hosting a Hawaiian Party this Saturday and I am extremely shorthanded on helpers now. But that is NOT the crucial part. The vital thing is I can't find any site to download any decent Hawaiian music that does not put me to sleep 5 seconds later.

Plus I am super unwilling to pay like 3USD per song thus making my search even more difficult. Yes, organizing would be a snap if I were some super rich kid hor then I could max out my credit card by shopping at Amazon for all party supplies (like have you seen what they sell? I just type in Hawaiian and the party decors are like astounding!) but I am not so ditto for Amazon. Plus it's too darn LATE to ship anything over now.

Then there is the Hula Dance which I am STILL struggling to grasp the elaborate body movements while trying to look graceful without a care in the world and not some clumsy half drunkard. WHY OH WHY DIDN'T I LEARN HOW TO HULA DANCE DURING ALL MY YEARS IN HAWAII???!!! I don't even know how to speak Hawaiian at all. The only words I know are 'Aloha' which everyone knows and 'taro' which means 'sweet potato' and 'calabash' meaning 'water jars' -_- Like anyone needs to know that.

'Aloha, taro calabash'. Hello, sweet potato water jars. HAHAHAHA!!! Confirm party guests would throw potatoes at me ok if I taught them that.

I should NOT be laughing now. I am in deep trouble now and should be frantically pulling my hair out. I also regret not keeping contact with all my American friends or not I could practically email them for help now. Sian. I realized I know nearly nothing about Hawaii even though I was born there. I should have just chosen a Japanese theme party instead seeing as I know more Japanese than Hawaiian.

I am also hoping that I am still able to fit into my grass skirt =(

So if you people know anything that can help me like sites for Hawaiian songs PLEASE TELL ME HOR!!!! Oh, anyone got a lava lamp? I wanna borrow. Oh and lots and lots of seashells or coconuts and stuff. Tiki statues also can!

Somehow I'll get everything ready by Friday. Hopefully. Ok, I MUST or not I would have to face people's disappointment later and I'll rather not. I have enough disappointments on my plate at the moment. So those of you who are supposed to come please come hor. Or not I'll infuse your dreams with scary chanting Tiki statues at night muahahahaha.

Not scary meh? I find those scary bor with their thick lips and angry eyes. *shivers*

Ok, I'm off to shop for party supplies now. Wish me luck!!!!

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Lance said...

get d girls wear coconut bra. tat will not let ur male guess down ^^