Friday, October 26, 2007

Twin Plushies!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007



The one where they were in the cat costume in episode 13 if I'm not wrong. Some girl made it herself. BY HER OWN.

I cannot even sew the most basic of stitches properly.

Even the guys decided to do my sewing for me in the end during sewing lessons way back in Form 2 after seeing how I kept yelping in pain as I kept pricking my finger every few seconds.



*stares longingly*

It's way better than the ones they sell on E-Bay. So damn cute! Cute enough to make me want to take up plushie sewing lessons so I can make one for myself. Or maybe just hunt down the owner and buy it from her. I waaaaaaaant it!!!!!!!

I wish I can sew =(

Updated: Look!!!! Look what I found again!!!! THE CUTENESS OF IT ALL!!!!! Kyaaaaaaa~~~

Christmas Twins

Omigosh, it's to die for <3

I found the owner of the plushies liao. She is a damn good plushie maker if you ask me. She has made many and they all looked good to me. The SAD thing is she said she's putting all commissions on hold at the moment. WHY???? Just when I wanted to ask her to make one for me!!! I mean two, seeing as they are twins. I hope she starts opening commissions soon. It's so adorable!!! I wanna buy!!!!

Btw, all pictures are taken from her site: and are in no way affiliated to me. I just wanted to show you guys nia.

I so want the plushies la.....

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