Thursday, October 25, 2007

Numbers & Order

Thursday, October 25, 2007
Blogger sucks. It aways have to LAG when I want to blog. Is anyone having the same problem out there? It seem like it only works fine in the morning or late at night. In the afternoon it just won't freakin load at all. On another more interesting matter at hand.....

I absolutely HATE jogging!!!

That has got to be the worst form of exercise ever. I hate it when I'm feeling like a half-dead fish already and when I look up I still DO NOT see the end of the road. Super discouraging can?

I prefer the threadmill any given day. My family begs to differ though saying threadmills are boring things where you cannot see passing trees and joggers like when you're jogging. TREES!!! You mean people actually bother looking at trees when they jog??? The only thing I look for desperately during jogging is the end of the road signifying the end of a round before thanking the lucky stars that I am still alive.

On the other hand I adore the threadmill because it got all these fancy gadgets that keeps track of how many miles you've just ran, the time remaining (OH THE JOY when only it shows 2 minutes left) and how many calories you burn. Can a tree keep track of all these I ask?? No. So frankly I don't see the point of trees being so important during a jogging session.

I am a number freak. I need to count every jump when I'm skipping rope and every time I lift a dumbbell. I cannot survive without counting and desperately need to know if I'm fulfilling the quota I allocated to myself for the day. Like if I say I shall jump rope 3000 times, even when I'm half-dying during the 1500 jump I will die die still jump finish or not I cannot rest in ease.

Which is why I LOVE the gym. Because all the machines are fitted with wonderful counting gadgets =D thus saving me the time from having to count myself. My sister says I'm insane and the point of jogging is the joy of not counting and can stop when you feel tired while I say the she's insane for if I DON'T count how I know I got work-out hard enough leh? For all you know I could be skipping only a measly 100 times and yet feel like I've just skipped 1000 times and therefore fooled into thinking I deserve a rest by then.

I know. You people think I'm insane right now. But I like things in order and cannot stand the sight of messy things. Which I'm sure you people probably notice by now through the way I arrange every name in lists and phonebooks in an alphabetical order. My worst fault in the eyes of my unorganized sister is probably the part where I tend to go a little overboard with computer folders at times by creating one for every category for a specific group of files and renaming them with all the right caps and stuff. Heh.

But I simply CANNOT stand disorderly things. Like how when rifling through my friends cellphone contacts I find everything typed with mixed capitals and short forms and nicknames which is just so weird to me and as I never knew that there were actually other ways like these of recording down people's contact because I spent my whole life keying the full name of each of my contact and will hunt down their surname if I don't know what it was in the first place so it won't be confused with another person of the same name and just when I am smiling happily at my perfectly organized phonebook my close friends have to come up to me and accuse me of treating them like strangers and when I ask why they reply that it's because I use their full names in my phonebook and not the nicknames I use to call them everytime to which I can only stare bewilderedly back because it has NEVER cross my mind that short forms in lists is a sign of closeness to a person.

That is the longest sentence I've ever typed in my whole life. Ha.

But really....I just cannot NOT arrange things alphabetically/numerically/in perfect columns and stuff. It's like asking me to slosh green and orange (a horrid combination) paint around my room in a deranged manner. Yes you should know by now that I cannot draw to save a life. Unlike my sister who could churn out endless beautiful drawings to kek me. But her room looks like it's hit by a tornado half the time anyway. So I have since come to the conclusion that neatness and artistic doesn't doesn't go together. There goes my dream of ever learning how to draw =(

Which brings me back to the point on why I love numbers because with it I can have some order in life. Just not in add maths. Accounting and economics is lovely though.

And thus conclude my explanation of why I HATE jogging so much.

Yes, I know half of you do not get the connection so I shall simplify it for you:

Jogging = trees + endless road + scenery = abstract = me going crazy not knowing my current progress

Threadmills = various calculating instruments = solid numbers = me insanely happy after knowing I lost 400 calories!

And there you have it. The whole reason why I prefer indoor workouts to outdoor workouts.

*P.S. Do NOT for once even think of buying me a calculator for my upcoming birthday after reading this post.
**P.P.S This is because I already have FIVE scientific calculators XP

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