Sunday, October 28, 2007

Top Scores?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I've just received news from classmates that I'm the top scorer for F6 MUET and am invited to the school's Hari Pelajar Cemerlang.

Like wtf I'm actually a pelajar cemerlang now.

And guess what this pelajar is doing now? staying in the comfort of her home for weeks instead

One would wonder that of all things why must it be MUET??? Malaysian University English Test....when I'm not even going to enter any Malaysian Universities. Why couldn't I be top scorer in SAT instead huh?

Life is ironic.....


Lance said...

top student for english hia....i tot top student for every subject in d whole form 6 @_@

it must be sumthin u wrote in ur essay. umm....longest sentence ever?

Hana said...

So far I hear about MUET only lah. I haven't hear news about the rest of the subs yet as I've been skipping school this few weeks XP

And I can't possibly score top for every subs as I'm not taking any science subs LOL.