Tuesday, October 30, 2007

O Where For Art Thou My Jeans???

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Update 11.40pm: I had to settle for some short frilly beige skirt with a long brown top instead. My room looks like it's been hit by a tornado and my mum isn't happy with the mess I made around the house while digging frantically through pile of clothes in search of my jeans.

Still miffed over the disappearance of my jeans.

I've also learnt during dinner that sometimes I am too smart for my own good. Like feigning interest in people's conversation with me. But to be fair I have no idea what those uncles and aunties are rambling about to me half the time in Chinese so I can only nod and smile with what I assume as sparkly interested eyes out of politeness in hopes that they will end the conversation quickly. But instead my acting can backfire at times where I'm so good till the point they actually believe that I am totally interested and rant on for hours leaving me clueless and desperate trying to translate everything into English in my mind then my answer to them back in Chinese. The horror.

But I have to be polite mah! I have absolutely no problems conversing with adults and many has always taken a liking to me as I can chatter all day long with them easily hahaha but when it comes to my Chinese speaking relatives I have NO IDEA how to talk to them at times. And they love to single me out from the rest of my cousins to ask me questions just because I'm the only one born in the US (my sis is too but she just tunes them out so they gave up on her lol) so they find me fascinating or something and I have no idea how to reply back in proper Chinese. Because the questions they ask are all cheem cheem ones that needs cheem cheem replies which I can only do so in English as my Chinese is damn limited.

Not to forget how they always like to give me talks about how Chinese is very important la and better than English and assume I hate the Chinese language or culture just because I was born in US. Like being born in a Western country makes you a Westerner lidat. So if I were to be born in the North Pole that would make me a Polar Bear la?

Very irritated when people assume that ok?! I love the Chinese language and want nothing better than to master the subject. I will still love RICE over bread, Chinese sayings over English ones, Chinese food over Western food, Chinese history and arts and I will marry a CHINESE guy ok???!!!! I am quite sian of the marriage jokes they always shoot to me liao about marrying blonds and blacks and what not. Not that I have anything against those races of course.

I should also most definitely brush up on my Chinese so I can reply back without sounding like a stuttering fool.

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Lance said...

learn sum chinese loh! XD