Tuesday, October 23, 2007

To My Dearest Best Friend....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I met you while we were in Kindergarten but the memory is kinda fuzzy now. We went on to the same primary school the following year and happened to be in the same class. Not knowing anyone except you at that time I sat next to you. I will ALWAYS remember that VERY day where our friendship actually began because that was the day you bravely save me from a bee sting.

I have always been afraid of bees and was petrified when one landed on my arm. I was staring at it in silent horror when all of a sudden you gallantly slap the bee away. I do not know if you actually know what the consequences was of slapping a venomous bee but at that very moment you were my hero. From then on, a roller coaster ride of a friendship began between you and me....

Your portable doll house is way CUTER than this

You would bring your cute little toys to school (I still remember there was one where you open a purple shell-case and it would transform into a house with furnitures in it) and play with me. Well, until the day one of the prefects confiscated it =( Then all of a sudden other friends came into our lives like Tiffany and Charis and our group of just you and me grew larger and I think I was quite mean because I chose Tiffany as my best friend at that time because I saw her more often at church. I am so sorry if you felt left out. But seriously, WE GOT BULLY YOU MEH?????!!!!! More like it was your brother who bullied me until I had to call my parents to come LOL ok this is stupid let's return to being all sentimental-like.....

Sadly we had to split during Primary 4 due to the change of classes and I moved to this silly over-competitive studious class where people are all so smart I felt inferior and life was hellish and I was so short and fat but that is not the point. We tried to keep in contact but the distance of the classes grew too wide and in the end we stopped altogether and found new best friends.

Enter year 2002 where we are now entering secondary school. Surprise surprise I found YOU standing beside me while I was entering the classroom. Having lost my best friends to other schools and was feeling all alone we decided to sit together once again. And now this is where the stupid infamous forever ongoing debate of 'WHO WENT IN FIRST AND SAT IN THAT CHAIR' comes in. Look Sha, best friend or not, it was ME who chose that place first, NOT you. I know you will slam me back with a message saying it's not true but you should just accept the truth my dear. This debate is sibeh infamous cause we got half the boys in the class to get involved in solving it but they were so scared by our arguments which got louder by the second that they decided to flee. I don't even know why we started this thing in the first place or why it's even important but best friends are just sibeh boh liao at times XP

Seeing as how we are like the tallest in the class where our line of vision falls directly in line with each other we became the best of friends instantly. Everyday you would bombard me with your Julia Roberts and I with my Westlife. Omg, I feel so noob remembering my obsession. And how we used to always poke each other into trying to make the other to befriend the girl in front of us as she looked so lonely. Later we discover her name was Annabel and all hell broke lose as she would ramble about Britney endlessly and me with my WL and Nasha with her JR till I'm sure everyone we met got quite fed up with us haha. Oh, do you still remember our huge fight regarding fish heads and bunnies??? ROFL the extreme lengths we went to piss each other off. The poems....omg omg omg so hilarious now I remember. Not fair you got your brother to side against me. 2 against 1. This is all NO THANKS to A FEW PEOPLE out there (you know who you are) that started this whole fight by commenting on our ID photos. I bet you people did it on purpose for your own amusement to see us fight. Hmph.

But life isn't rosy all the time and we discover just how dark it can get during Form 2 where life was full of betrayals, lies and jealousy. This is starting to sound like a soap opera and I think you TV producers out there should just make a series out of our lives hahaha. I don't know what happen but we met a group of people and everything changed. I don't even want to remember the details. All I know was everyday was filled with hurtful words, heartbroken tears, depression and malicious lies. We were driven apart by others and didn't even speak to each other for 8 months. This has got to be the worst year of our lives.

Ahem. But there IS always a LIGHT at the end of every tunnel and we found it a year later. In the end, we just wipe clean the entire slate, got rid of all the root of the problem and turn our lives around 180 degrees and ta-dah!!! Best friends AGAIN!!!! =D And this is where the REAL FUN starts.

This is just a fraction of what I keep

In case you're wondering Sha, I DO keep all the mementos you buy for me from all your various trips around the world and even the letter and postcard you sent to me from Bangkok which only reached my house ONE MONTH LATER after you came back thanks to your erroneous numbering of my postcode -_- Then there was the time we got so sian of hearing people swear that we decided to substitute it with 'toot' and in the end popularized it in Green Road. And do you remember this????

The wristband we made

Remember there is one year where Nike wristbands were all the rage? Me and Nasha were too stingy to spend a cent on those useless rubber things but wanted one desperately so in the end we resorted to making own own using black cellophane tape and gold and silver markers. Who knew it became quite popular in our forms and soon other class people started requesting for one too. Nearly our entire class people asked us to make one for them too including the teachers. Omg, it was insane. We used up like 3 huge roll of tapes. Some keep coming back each day for a new design. Jonathan was jealous when Kenny, Guo Yao them started wearing our wristbands instead and couldn't kek us anymore with his Nike wristband till in the end he gave in and asked us to make one for him too.

We are incredibly boh liao at times. heh.

I seriously cannot keep track of how many of the ridiculous things we started and the trouble we got into for some of them =P Then there is the little blue notebook where we wrote down all kinds of secrets and usual boh liao things inside for 6 months during every boring periods in class. How we had to wrestle the book back from Ah Hsiang violently when he snuck it away. I bet he didn't think we were that serious cause ever since then he stayed far far away from the book.

You were there when I went through some incredibly hard times during Form 5. You were always quick to comfort me when I was down. When we're together, the silence is comfortable and there is no need for words. You were the one who introduced me all kinds of weird food like 'bak gua on buttered bread', 'Bovril and butter sandwich' and 'Island Supreme Pizza'. And surprisingly they taste nice. Sometimes you would bring an extra container of delicious food your maid cooked for me while I'll bring an extra slice of pie or tart I baked and we'll just share it in class before the teacher comes in. We were so close to the point where everyone including teachers frequently call us by the wrong name at times like looking at you and calling you 'Hannah' 5 times in a row until I answer bewilderedly and they look at me in puzzlement for a second till their mistake dawns on them and immediately shout your name next and vice versa. When asked, they said it's because we're always together to the point they started seeing us as one which is quite annoying at times when I mistakenly get scolded for something you did lol. But life was so good with you. We could talk about almost just everything under the sun.

But as time goes by, lives changes. It's not hard to see that we are of almost two completely different individuals now and our interests are almost all polar opposites. Our circle of friends starts to differ too as our lives are taken up by different activities and subjects. Sometimes we hardly get to see each other at all and at times it feels like the old friendship is slowly slipping away. Like a wisp of smoke we're trying to hold onto.

But you know what Sha? It's okay for our lives to change. Our friendship may not be the same as before but what was once there can never be erased. We may not share any of the same interests now but we once shared a colorful past and that is worth more than anything. Even now, I know that I could still turn to you at any given moment and you would still be there to listen. I could just tell you any random stuff and you would still be able to understand me. Even if we hang in completely different circles now there is still no one who could possibly know me as you did. With you I don't need to hide or ramble on endlessly to fill the silence. There is something that was built so long ago through our friendship over the years that can never ever be replaced. You were once my best friend and always will be.

So my dearest best friend, today I would like to wish you a very


and may God bless you always in your life. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to celebrate it with you as you didn't throw a party and my plan to take you out for dinner was one-upped by your parents who decided to take you out instead. So I shall try to find the most perfect gift for you ok? Have a smashing time at your Birthday dinner and enjoy being 18!!!!! Love you always.

Your best friend forever,


Lance said...

wat a wonderful friendship...i'm soo touch T_T

i'm lazy to read finish it thou =P

Nasha said...

omg hannah u just made me CRY! ! i so so love you! =D=D btw, it was ME who sat in that chair 1st u can just ask wenli the ass smacker lol. n the bee thing was so long ago how could u still rmb! yes, and u guys DID bully me. i tink i broke tiffany's scissors or sth like that and u scolded me until i was terrified of u haha. fish heads, wristbands and the blue book..we relli did have fun in school didn't we! i still rmb the time u threw that bottle at yunyew :D
you've been my bestest fren for so many yrs now, i'm not going 2 let our interests or changes get in the way of our friendship! no one can replace you in my life, you can count on that! oh i'm so Toouuccchheed by ur post! lovelovelurve you! XOXOXO! *HUGE grin on face=)

p.s. the pics of me eating? yeah they make me look like i'm such a PIG!

Hana said...

@Lance: Thanks =D

@Sha: *hands tissue* hahaha I knew u wud correct me. Wen Li knows the answer to that mysterious riddle meh???? Haha ass smacker. LOL. YOU AND HER!!!! Our asses flat liao lor.

Bleh. I didn't bully u. At least I tink I didn't. But nvm u can forget ALL abt it hahahaha.

Wack yunyew..... EXCUSE ME HE ALSO THROW STUFF AT ME HOR!!!! So he is not innocent. ha!

I LOVE YOU TOOOOOO!!!! Yeah, BFF forever!!!!

And you do not look like a pig. You look like ure full of joy which was why I post it up cause it looked sweet =D