Sunday, October 21, 2007

Daggers, Strawberries & Wasabi

Sunday, October 21, 2007

There is always some unspoken competition between girls when they are alone. Yes, yes it's true!!!!

Like just now I went to KGS gym to work out and there were a super lot of women there. And when you walk in they would all stare at you from head to toe to assess your current proportion. If they are far far thinner they would resume their workout with a smug smile while the fatter ones would glare daggers at you. I bet this is the only time where dagger glares are more welcomed than smiles.

But seriously la hor. If not to flaunt your toned body after all the torturous hours you put in at the gym to end up like some dehydrated sweaty marathon runner at the end of a vigorous session of 'gymming' then what leh? Health? Bah. That is not the main goal.

So not happy today because while I came out of the shower I could feel someone smirking at me from behind and when I turned around I found to my annoyance, a super skinny girl trying to look away at the last minute.

FINE! Smirk all you want! I shall be thin..................soon. Then we shall see who have the last smirk! I know I am over dramatic as usual seeing as I don't even know who she is let alone meeting her again but really!!! Her haughty look is enough to send me scurrying back to the treadmill for another 5 hours. But I had just finished showering and was currently smelling like strawberries thanks to the body scrub from The Body Shop so I abandoned that thought and just ignored her. Yeah, I bought the strawberries scented scrub because I very sian everytime I read books and the heroine always smell like coconut, jasmines, apple and all kinds of exotic fruits out there till I wonder if the fruit bats didn't mistake them for their next meal. I also want to smell like strawberries and not some boring human leh! Hmph! So I buy.

I didn't dare buy the floral scented ones as I am deathly afraid of bees and prefer not to be mistaken for a flower.

But enough of scented body scrubs. What was I talking about? Oh, the unspoken competition between girls. Yes it's true la hor. If you happen to be slimmer you're unconsciously happier and vice versa. I am so going to buy my tennis racket next week liao.

Oh and I just found out during dinner that wasabi with soy sauce taste great with everything be it vermicelli, fries, fish, chicken, fried rice etc. This I kid you not! It's even better than garlic+chili+soy sauce.

Really! You should try it next time. It's my favorite condiment now right next to Tabasco sauce =)


Lance said...

so other girls smirk cos of hana's figure....must be a nice figure.....*IMAGINING*

*ecchi face*

Hana said...

*grabs a bottle bleach and cleans lance brain with it*

Ahem. There my job is now complete.

You should lay off the 'Suzumiya Haruhi' for a while lol.

Lance said...

wats suzumiya haruri gota do wif imagining ur figure? *continues imagine.....*

but then dun wanna imagine tat much, scare when really meet, totally out of expectation @_@

Hana said...

Seriously sibeh insulted now. Oi, dun u have NICER things to say?????



Lance said...

teasing u only nia maaa....

when do u go gym anyways? go stalk stalk ^^

besides girls, got guys bio u mou? XD

Hana said...

Ha, I have no fix days on when I go to gym. I just go whenever I want to and spent the rest on home workouts.

Bah, KGS gym were got hot guys one =(

All old old men nia.