Thursday, October 4, 2007

Series Of Unfortunate Events

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thus is the account of my week so far...

Sunday - Heel of my white shoes broke in half during Church. Was forced to walk with a limp with the heel sticking out awkwardly at the back every time I took a step.

Monday - Slept at 3 and woke at 5 to chiong whatever last revision I had for my accounts. Discovered that I misplaced my previous accounting exercises and couldn't refer to them in my last moment of need.

Tuesday - Overlooked a word in a question of my account exam causing me to do one and a half page full of accounts before finally realizing that I used the wrong method. Ran out of time while frantically correcting my mistakes. Toot.

Later that day I thought I was road blind until I met the Law Sisters. Abigail nearly made me slam head first into a delivery truck (Yes, Abi you did hor XP Gave me all wrong directions till I lost focus on the road...) 1 second later, ONE SECOND I KID YOU NOT!!!!, and we would be delivery meat. I found the brakes at the last 4 seconds, slipped in panic, then manage to slam down on the brakes again HARD at the last possible second. (Btw, the whole scenario felt as if it was played out in slow motion as seen in movies and I did started envisioning ambulances and stretchers while locating the brakes in horror) Then later on our way back from KGS, while reversing I backed into a bush so hard that we thought we hit a car. Am inclined to think that Abi must have some sort of weird magical powers to deteriorate one's driving skill haha.

The previous time I brought her and sister out, her sister Alicia nearly caused me to swerve off the road 2 times in a row whilst shouting out all the wrong directions causing me to panic thinking I drove in the wrong direction. I haven't had the unfortunate privilege to take their other sis Amanda out yet so I do not know if she too possess the same magical powers. Heh.

Turned my room upside down trying to find my missing econs notes. After 30 minutes of fruitless searching and frustrated emotions I realize that once again for the second freakin time I must have managed to misplace a few sheets of my econs notes back at KGS. tmd. No expletives can describe how I felt at this very moment. Wasted tons of money messaging friends into messaging me back the notes.

Wednesday - Due to my overconfidence, I misread 2 questions on my economic test. 2 bloody simple questions again had I read it carefully. Although it only count for a measly 2 marks, you never know when that measly 2 marks would prove extremely vital were I to succumb to the unfortunate incident of getting 78 marks. Which seeing the way my week has turn out so far, seems very plausible at the moment.

Thursday - I realize that I can write long long crap that looks like it makes sense but in actuality it does not. I ran out of points to write by the 2nd paragraph for my General Papers and I've a sinking feeling that all 4 other paragraphs were filled with repeated points and meaningless drivel. It is so atrocious to the point that it pains me to even re-read my essay. Like how the freak can I expand on the sole fact that accidents caused to workers in industrial plants were due to their lack of skill? If it weren't for the stupid 'lack of skill part' I could write hundreds of reasons of the causes of accidents.

Friday - ????

I wonder what would happen tomorrow.

*dons four leaf clovers, rabbit foot, horse shoe and many more other good luck charms*


Jolyn said...

did you actually trust abi when it comes to driving and direction?

hana, did you know she doesnt even know how to go home from school? hehe. i can never stop screaming if she's in my car. seriously. whatever direction abi gives, go to the opposite. kid you not. =p

now abi, dont fume cos i'm speaking the truth. hehe =p

Hana said...

She sounded so damn confident you know.....

So I believed her leh.

Yes, the opposite thing. I am starting to believe that. Cuz we always come out from the end we're supposed to go in first. Haha.

I think we should buy a map for Abi for her bday present. Or an internal mind GPS system. LOL.

May22 said...


hana n jolyn u guys r soooo mean arghhhhhh i told u liao im road blind. hmmph hana ur no better! road blind also. pot calling kettle black!

i told u liao STEVE IRWIN'S SKULL!!! no map ar. serve me no purpose one unless i got marker pen n draw skulls on it lol.

jolyn u shud stop exaggerating stuff bout me n get back to ur baking.

hana u too!